Who Am I ?

Greg Ferro is Human Infrastructure for Data Networking. Lately, Data networking seems to include data centre networks, storage networks, server designs, application gateway, load balancers so he does those too. He works freelance as a Network Architect and Senior Engineer / Designer, mostly in the United Kingdom and previously in Asia Pacific region. Currently focussing on Data Centre, Security and Application Networking technologies and spending a lot of time pondering design models, building operational excellence and creating business outcomes. He has spent time at financial institutions, service providers, working for resellers and dot coms, in both the largish and smallish companies.

Greg has over 25 years in IT, and more than 12 years in networking and is Cisco CCIE #6920 (Emeritus / 10 year).

Writing this blog is about putting something back to the Internet community because a little sharing can go a long way. (More about this here). I have something of a passion for writing, but not much talent for anything outside of technology. You have to go with what you have.

For Hire – Authoring and Writing

Please go here for a irregularly updated list of writing on the web. I am available for freelance writing, analysis, consultancy and services. Please feel free to contact me or email myetherealmind — at __ gmail-com and we can discuss your requirements.

I write regularly for Network Computing as a blogger and here is a list of my articles. Here is a more complete list of references. I’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Consulting Engagements

From 2014, I will be available for direct consulting engagements. I have placed more information in this page

Social Media

You can find me on Twitter at @etherealmind – go to http://twitter.com/etherealmind to follow me there.

I host the Packet Pushers Podcast – you can subscribe on iTunes by clicking the logo

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You can subscribe to Packet Pushers Podcast on iTunes with this link or using http://feeds.packetpushers.net/PacketPushersPodcast RSS Feed for other types of Podcast clients. We have also setup a website at http://packetpushers.net for full details on the podcast and community blogging on networking.

Twitter at http://twitter.com/etherealmind.

Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GregFerro

Facebook Page http://facebook.com/Greg.Ferro.Etherealmind

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/etherealmind

Contact Me

I can be contacted at greg ferro –at– packetpushers dot net (I’m sure you can put it back together) or use this contact form.

Charity and Advertising

The advertising you see on the site creates a little bit of money, some of which is donated  to Kiva, a microfinance initiative.



I have a public profile at KIVA http://kiva.org/lender/etherealmind and you can see current level of donations there. While I have reservations about Kiva since they have announced loans for first world countries, I continue to loan money to mainly African and Pacific lenders. I no longer donate money to Kiva itself as a protest.

What does Etherealmind mean ?

I have written a complete post on how I got the name and what it means.