What are Windows A: B: drives for ?

Sob, I’m so OLD, I know the answer. Surely, death or retirement cannot be far away.

What are the Windows A_ and B_ drives used for? - Super User.jpg


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  • yeled

    hah hah ahahaha.. someone born in the 1990’s.

  • http://www.critical-computing.de Pepe

    I am in my mid 20s – and i know i too. So you can’t be that old 😉

  • http://blog.antifubar.org AntiFubar

    Oh crap!

  • Brannen

    Sung to the tune of “Sloppy Joe” by Adam Sandler … floppy drives flop, floppy drives.

  • Brannen

    Ps. Better question is why is F: usually the first usable “virtual”/network drive?

  • Alex S

    It just had to come one day.
    Just wait till your grandchild comes to you, sist on your lap and asks you to tell stories about keyboards and mice, wired ethernet or “unregulated and open internet” 😉

  • Terry

    So what drive was it that I use to use when I put my little cassette in to load my games on to my Atari 600XL? :) Talk about being old… sigh

    • http://www.brianraaen.com/ Brian Christopher Raaen

      The IBM PC Jr had those things too, I can’t remember what the drives were though.

  • Chris Fricke

    Dead topic, sure, but I’m slow and will comment anyways: I’ve been assigning all of the DVD drives to B: on our Windows servers for years now. What I find even more interesting is that when you are managing your volumes and drive letters A: is no longer even an option.

    Apparently Microsoft decided that having any association with the letter “A” is inappropriate. Likely because everyone knows that “A” is for Apple!


  • http://www.brianraaen.com/ Brian Christopher Raaen

    Even though I am not that old, I grew up with an PC Jr in the 80’s so I remember having both and A: and a B: in my 386.  My A: was the 3.5″ Floppy disk (which were hard and not floppy), my B: was the 5.25″ Floppy drive (which really were floppy).