Visualizing Openflow/SDN flow – Big Switch SDN flows in Hyperglance – YouTube

Here is an example of an SDN Application using the Big Switch OpenFlow controller to provide flow monitoring of your network. Stace Hipperson from Real Status has  linked their HyperGlance 3D visualisation tool to capture flow data and display it in an quite useful way.

Watch the video and consider what this means for troubleshooting a path inside your datacenter.

Then consider linking this visualisation to show a the overlay network and the underlay network at the same time. In normal networks, this process of visualisation is almost impossible.

This is the future I had envisioned when OpenFlow was first explained to me. Think how much more efficient you can be in solving networking problems with these sorts of tools.

via Visualizing Openflow/SDN flow – Big Switch SDN flows in Hyperglance – YouTube.



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  • Anthony Burke

    Thanks Greg for the link.

    The hardest thing for me to conceptualize about SDN has been the application. I understand what everyone has been trying to achieve and it is great to see this in action. Finally!

    Defining flows seems to be a possible way to cause an initial nightmare in deploying a project would it not? If you have granular control over ONE flow, how many thousand would be made for a small enterprise, let alone an ISP or a Google.

    I imagine some sort of “recording mode” initially to establish what flows are occurring then modifications and tweaking come after?

    Thank you. The puzzle pieces are being laid down and put together.