Update: IPocalypse: What’s next for the ‘End of the Internet’

On the 20 January 2011, I wrote about the “End of the Internet”. In Sep 2012, we are witnessing the ongoing apathy of IT managers and leaders to even discuss the problem. When it can be avoided, IT leaders will continue to ignore the problem and fail to plan for the future. This week, RIPE announced it is releasing it’s last /8 and moving to final allocation processes.

So what.

Given my recent experiences, we are at least two years away from any widespread activity. Although the RIR’s are running out of addresses, most companies already have plenty of spare addresses when they need their own allocations. And even more companies are using external providers to host content that have plenty of addresses and have long standing methods to restrict address usage.

So, for the next two years IPv6 = MEH. I’ll take another look then.

IPocalypse: What’s next for the ‘End of the Internet’ ? — EtherealMind.

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