The Problem with Java Clients

This is typical of the problems with using Java as a management interface for a network device.

The Management Application (graphical user interface used to configure the Unit’s software) runs as a stand-alone Java Web Start application (tested on Microsoft Windows™ operating system only). The application requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0_07 or higher, although there are issues with some of the JRE releases. See “Java Runtime Environment Version 6.0 Problems” on page 19 for details

This is a real piece of documentation from a current product. And they seriously expect me to use it ?

You are joking right ?

Hate Java.

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  • Daveyk

    Well at least it didn’t say “1.6.0_07 or lower”

  • packeteer

    cisco webvpn makes me loath java

  • Colin

    “But that’s what we learnt to program with in university/college/tertiary-paid-to-much-to-learn-nothing classes so we just used it when someone started paying us money to turn up at an office where we have to wear shoes and pants!”

  • Jother

    “Hate Java”

    It’s fine for server side stuff but for client side stuff it has been horrible.  Some of the tools work so poorly you wind up with a dedicated machine (VMs these days) … or two … or three … etc.

  • Evan Weston

    Now I’m curious as to what the app is. Name and shame :D

  • Romans Fomicevs

    is any1 wonders why we are still using good ol’ CLI? tried java thing to manage cisco routers… was deeply impressed by how cisco bad at doing GUI managements.

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