My Networking Beliefs

Someone wrote me and asked “Greg, What do you believe is the future of Networking”. Here is my (mostly) humorous response.

Rant: Screen Reading – Comparing Windows and MAC

In the last couple of years, I find that I rarely use physical books to read something new. I recently started a new role that requires me to use a Windows 7 laptop and I’m finding it unreadable. Either there is something wrong with Windows or Apple have done something exceptional with screen displays.

EtherealMind’s Fashion Tips for Network Engineering Men

Just because you don’t speak to “customers” or “the public” it’s still necessary to look like you are a professional and take pride in your work.

Poster: The Eight Levels of Vendor Acceptance

The answer that you get from your vendor is never a __YES__ , or, not directly. This handy guide is the eight levels of vendor acceptance where answers

Musing: Difference between Success and Not Failing

roject scopes means that the smallest possible money is spent to achieve the least acceptable outcome. That is, the scope of the project is defined as the smallest possible work to achieve the goal.The goal is often researched, analysed, and reviewed until it is reduced to as small as it can be. That is, the “least acceptable” goal for the business.

What is the Definition of a Switch Fabric ?

The marketing people in IT tend to be overwhelmed by complexity and deep technology. For many liberal arts graduates, they take the drowning option and latch onto certain terms and then grossly abuse it. The most egregious abuse today is “cloud” but “fabric” comes a close second. In this series of posts I want to look at what is a FABRIC and provide a canonical look at what it does and how it works for us.

OSX: Shortcuts for Subnet Masks with TextExpander

I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing speed and accuracy. One way is to use specific keyboard shortcuts for tasks that are repetitive and prone to inaccuracy. So, using Cmd-C / Cmd-V for for Copy and Paste makes a whole load of good sense as it’s faster & more accurate than using the mouse to click through multiple menus, and put the cursor where it needs to be.

However, keyboard shortcuts are kind of limited. A more flexible approach is to use a program that can substitute short sets of text into much longer pieces. To do this, I use a program called TextExpander to keep a library of ‘snippets’ for expansion into a range of useful actions.

For example, I have a text snippet etmd and whenever I type these four letters, it is automatically expanded to EtherealMind.

The possibilities are endless, and I’m hoping to share a few different ideas and get feedback from you to help me build my collection of useful shortcuts.

Peter Tattam created Trumpet Winsock and got very little: Let’s set things right

Once upon a time, TCP/IP was not the preferred networking protocol for any operating system. Then Peter Tattam released a shareware version of TCP/IP stack that worked on MS Windows ™. I spent many hours making Windows TCP/IP work properlyand using Trumpet Winsock to get connected to the Internet for the first time in 1992. In my opinion, his shareware is a key factor in getting the Internet started by delivering a working IP protocol stack.

And yet, very few people ever paid for the software.

How To: Certification and Pay Rises

One issue that often gets asked is whether you should ask for a pay rise after you have passed a certification exam. Let’s say that you have just passed your latest certification exam, and you feel that you now have greater value and skills so it’s time to talk about a pay rise with your boss. Here is a key tip.

Help: Got Questions for the NICs / RIRs about IPv6 ?

Slightly off topic, but I’m working with Skeeve Stevens to get some interviews setup for PacketPusherswith people from the various Network Information Centre (NICs) while they are at APNIC 31. I think there are lots of questions about public / Internet IPv6 and some early discussion of the issues would be useful, especially focussing on […]

The IPocalyse is Nigh – Forced Allocation of IPv4 to RIRs next week ?

The whisper is that the last two /8 IP address ranges were today allocated. Since there were seven pools of /8 addresses, this means that we are witnessing the start of the IPocalypse. What’s Happened ? Some time ago, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) established the final process as the IPv4 address pool is exhausted. […]

Perception is Reality, Design, and Hacking the Presentation

Looking closely at how your ‘design’ your responses to information request so that you can get better outcomes in problem situations at work.

Sales is a not a ‘Game’ or a ‘War’

It’s common among certain companies for their sales people and engineers to talk about ‘winning’ or ‘beating’ their competition, or ‘slamming’ their counterparts. I want to take a minute to point out how puerile this is, and how offensive it is to be a customer to this type of high school thinking.

EtherealMinds Eleven Rules of Design Documentation

How do I prepare, develop and write Designs ? I use these eleven handy rules of Design Documentation that I have worked out over the last fifteen years.

The Case for Network Emulators

It’s time to start demanding that vendors make their emulators available to their customers so that we can save money, improve customer value, and increase the Networking Market.

EtherealMind Career Advice and Tips for the Networking Industry

Many people have asked for career advice on living and working in the Networking Industry. I’ve covered this many times, in many articles and I’m kind of tired of the whole issue. So here are my final comments on managing your career, keeping a balanced viewpoint and getting on with whatever life you choose to lead.

Cisco Press Textbooks – PDF, DRM Free and usable on the iPad, Kindle etc.

Cisco Press textbooks are available in PDF format from O’Reilly but don’t buy them from Cisco Press website because the Adobe DRM will cause you pain and problems.

Community Blogging at EtherealMind – Want to Join in ?

Everyone has a story or something to say. EtherealMind wants to share your writing with the Networking Community. Please join in.

10 Networking Books to read before you dieÖ.

Are all networking books over 10 years old obsolete? Kevin Bovis a Technical Services Director with Cisco Gold Partner provides 10 examples that would suggest that some networking books are worth keeping and can provide a bit of credibility to an ageing Technical Manager.

Blessay: Cloud Convergence, Skills and Your Career

Did we forget that change is the only constant in IT ?

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