Response: The Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea effect Or Where Have All the Good Staff Gone


Nodding my head so hard my chin is hitting my chest. “What tends to remain behind is the ‘residue’ — the least talented and effective IT engineers. They tend to be grateful they have a job and make fewer demands on management; even if they find the workplace unpleasant, they are the least likely to be able to find a job elsewhere. “

Confusing Times in Networking and Cognition Jumps


I’ve been researching four different and distinct types of networking in the last few weeks. I’m finding that the cognition required to jump between technologies is making my head hurt. Here is a summary of four technology areas that interest me this week. Optical Networking As part of research project I have been getting deep […]

Musing: Working for Companies in Financial Trouble


Your employer is having financial problems. There is a lot of pressure to do “more with less”, to pull together and “do the deals”, close the sales before end of quarter. But really, what do you owe your employer in the modern era ? What is best for you ? This situation is one where the modern paradigm of fail fast, fail often and fail early applies.

Response: Getting the most out of HAProxy (The Passing of Network Load Balancing)

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Network engineers should know by now that hardware load balancers are not a long term career option. In addition to virtual appliances and Open vSwitch (included in VMware NSX) replacing them, there are a number of application load balancers like HAProxy that make them obsolete. Here is Twilio taking about their implementation: This is the […]

◎ Home Office Furniture – Chair, Lights & Audio Are Vital

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It’s becoming more acceptable for people to work from home. I’m finding that it’s even expected that working at home will be more productive than being in an office (what a turnaround that is!).Now that I think about it, my last three employers over the last eighteen months did not offer me a desk at all (I sat at whatever desk was free or a hot desk area).

Which leads to thoughts of what sort of furnishing should a home office have ? Plus Ethan & I have been discussing the topic in the last month or so.