Cognitive Biases and Being a Fallible Human

I’m often involved in decisions, either on my own or as part of the team or providing information to someone else. When researching a product or a technology, I try to be conscious of how I perceive problems, how I react to the data I have available or whether I have the right data. I consider whether my current frame of mind is positive or negative, am I tired. Did some person from a particular company make me angry, or excite me ? Does this affect my perception of a vendor or their product ?

Requirements Terminology – Defining MUST, SHOULD and MAY

One of the problems of working with the PRINCE2 practitioners is that the people tend to get highly focussed on definitions in the Scope of Works. A Scope of Works defines what the deliverables the customer is to received.

The problem with a Scope of Works is that it is usually prepared before the work is started and/or fully understood. maybe you have a Gap Analysis, or a Consulting Reports or a Requirements Document to setup the initial engagement (every company has their own name of the same thing).

What does Twenty Percent Growth Mean ?

Over the years, I’ve had many CIO/CTO deliver the news that the company plans to have twenty percent growth for the next five years. I’ve often noticed that most people in IT Infrastructure don’t find this staggering. I find it hard to believe that many people just blindly accept this and fail to make the differences when planning.