Live Blog: Wireless Tech Field Day – San Jose, Mar17-18

I’m in San Jose for the GestaltIT Wireless Tech Field Day and I’ll be live blogging the event in this post, so check regularly to get updates. There will also be live stream where you can watch the presentations with us and listen in on the discussions.

I’m hoping to a bit more content rich on this event, since I have access to power & laptop so should be able to get more photos, documents and other material into the live post.

Packet Pushers Unplugged – Show 3 – The Fittest Engineers Ever

Guests This Week Blake Krone @blakekrone Rocky Gregory @bionic_rocky Chris Lyttle @wifikiwi Show Notes: Item 1 – Firesheep, Blacksheep, is it really news that open wifi is not secure? Item 2 – Which EAP / PEAP is better & why ? Item 3 – RTLS: What is it and how you […]

Packet Pushers Unplugged – Show 1 – Lugging That Damn AP

This is the first podcast from the Packet Pushers devoted entirely to Wireless Networking. After Jennifer Huber joined the Packet Pushers on Show 14 – Bum Bugling on Cisco Clean Air we agreed that a wireless podcast about every month or so would be worth doing. Herewith, is the first episode of Packet Pushers Unplugged on wireless networking with our usual combination of wit and technical talent. Well, at least, some wit anyway.