Colour Blindness, Network Diagrams and Reliability

It’s a lesser known fact that one in ten caucasian males have colour blindness. In networking, we often rely on colour diagrams and coloured cables for a key services. Have you ever given any consideration to colour in your designs ?

Network Diagrams: Tips for Printing from Visio

It seems that printing from Visio is not particularly obvious. So this post covers how I would print documents from A4 to A0 paper sizes and some tips on getting good results.

Network Diagrams:Zones on a diagram with Visio shape union

The post looks at using the Union of shapes in Visio to create unusal shaped objects. Especially useful when trying to draw zones to show the DMZ in dual layer firewall cluster.

Network Diagrams: Drawing complex VLAN Networks with IP Addressing

Following my previous articles, lets go a little deeper in labelling the VLAN created and ways to handle multiple VLANs on a diagram.

Network Diagrams: Drawing Freehand Curves (and then fixing them)

Continuing on with absurdly popular posts about making diagrams in Visio. Lets draw a line in freehand. It will be broken, because we aren’t artists so lets talk about how to fix it.

Network Diagrams:Aligning Shapes

In this post we are looking at aligning shapes in straight lines which will enhance your presentation.

Network Diagrams:Locking the Background Shape

Once you are using background shapes, you find that they keep on getting in the way. This post looks at how to lock the shape so you diagram over the top of it.

Network Diagrams: Labelling an VLAN/IP Segment

Lets build the Layer 3 segment from yesterday’s post into something you can use in a detailed design.

Network Diagrams: VLANs and IP Subnets

One of the most common items that we need to draw are VLANs and Layer 3 segment. Lets look at one way to create a useful shape.

Network Diagrams: Drawing the Background Shape

This post looks at how to draw the background shape and shaping following my previous posts on drawing network diagrams.

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