Quick Look at networking Features in vSphere 5.1

TL:DR look like the first version of vSphere that has least amount of compromises for large corporates. In other words, it’s more usable than before. Importantly, VMware has delivered a lot of networking features in this release and it would be fair to say that they either “overdue” or “much anticipated”. Take your choice.

Scaling Virtual Appliances with Embrane

Embrane uses concepts of IP Flows to scale virtual appliances. Embrane does this by managing IP flows and then directing to other appliances, in effect creating what I would call a two tier load balancing.

Show 71 – OpenFlow, SDN, Controllers, VXLAN & Wishing for Fishes

This is the Packet Pushers podcast recorded after the OpenFlow Symposium. We talk extensively about the possible value of OpenFlow, and the limited value of VXLAN. Note especially that VXLAN is not suitable for use as a Layer 2 Data Centre connection – it’s simply not suited to this task.

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