Basics: Three Types of Cisco UCS Network Adapters

In the Cisco UCS servers, there are three classes or categories of Network Adapters for B-series and C-Server servers. I write this down because it’s pretty hard to find this summary anywhere is Cisco’s documentation and I keep having to tell people the difference. Now I can point them at this blog post.

Cisco UCS Servers – A Little Bit of Cynical Marketing Magic Can Go a Long Way

You can take the view that Cisco Unified Computing System is a product that is carefully designed so that selling it is as easy as possible. A cynical marketing analysis has produced a product that customers can be convinced to buy. Or is it an innovation in server and data centre design that is desperately needed ?

Cisco: Questions I have about Cisco, UCS and the Market

I was recently asked to consider Cisco and their UCS and whether it is ready for adoption. This raised a number of questions that I’d like to have answers for.

Blessay:Cisco UCS really is just Blade Servers with fancy NICs & a response to HP Network ambition

I found some information today, realised that UCS is really servers with fancy NICs. It also reinforced my belief that Cisco is responding to HP & IBM, not attacking them.

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