My Knowledge Management Process with PDF Files – Part 2

I’ve been asked a few times about how I organise my PDF files and keep track of documents. This post looks at my workflow for capturing, storing, tagging and organising my Knowledge Management system. This is Part 2

Windows Tools aren’t worth selling.

I was working with a PR person who asked me about some software tools. They wanted to know why I didn’t consider these tools anymore.

Network Monitoring: SNMP knows stuff

Some packet generator are more important than others and indeed while a packet is just a packet for us network people if the packets stop moving around the network the way they should it can be a great cause for alarm. I have a customer with such a packet generating devices and it chucks out a 600k udp multicast stream (a single UDP payload) every 5 seconds and if this screws up for any reason then the application is not happy and hundreds of users are very upset. If the packets stop for any length of time then a Severity 1 incident is raised and the customer needs an ass to kick.

Mental Case on the iPad : Memorising and Refreshing Information

Mental Case for the iPad was released today, and I am well impressed. Looks great, feels great and improves my revision time.

Review: goSerial – Console Break for Network Devices on OSX

This is a quick look at the serial console program for Mac OSX called goSerial. There are not many serial consoles programs available and I wanted to review this for my own use.

Using Choosy for OSX. A better way to use multiple browsers.

I use multiple web browsers all day. One for typical web, and another for network management. I need a way to easily select which one I want.

Internets of Interest:1 Feb 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 1 Feb 10:

Switching Network Locations from the Menu Bar

You have now configured and applied the Network Profile. You can easily switch between the Locations by open System Preferences, Network, and using the Location menu which is just a bit too manual for me.

Configuring Network Locations in Mac OSX.

When you are working in a lab environment, you often need to connect your laptop to different networks so that you can test stuff. For simple change like an IP address or a default gateway a script is useful. But you may want to have a much more sophisticated profile, such as different proxy servers and multiple ethernet ports. And if you are working on different sites, each one with different IP addressing and DNS details, and maybe even different proxy settings or 802.1x. Mac OSX has a way for configuring multiple profiles for your Ethernet connection ( or Airport wireless).

What the letters on 802.1 Ethernet standards stand for

A recent post from a member of the IEEE standard finally tells us something useful instead of keeping everything a secret.

Musing: Finding all Cisco Press books on Safari

I like to see only Cisco Press books when researching or studying (since I find them easier to read and understand). A short post showing how to list Cisco Press books in O’Reilly Safari.

CSM, IDSM, ADSM performance problems or memory errors ? Increase Java memory.

I have been getting out of memory errors in Java when running CSM and ASDM clients on MS Windows platforms. Here are some tips for improving Java performance, and letting you run more than one Java program / applet at the same time

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