Network Monitoring: SNMP knows stuff

Some packet generator are more important than others and indeed while a packet is just a packet for us network people if the packets stop moving around the network the way they should it can be a great cause for alarm. I have a customer with such a packet generating devices and it chucks out a 600k udp multicast stream (a single UDP payload) every 5 seconds and if this screws up for any reason then the application is not happy and hundreds of users are very upset. If the packets stop for any length of time then a Severity 1 incident is raised and the customer needs an ass to kick.

Configuring Network Locations in Mac OSX.

When you are working in a lab environment, you often need to connect your laptop to different networks so that you can test stuff. For simple change like an IP address or a default gateway a script is useful. But you may want to have a much more sophisticated profile, such as different proxy servers and multiple ethernet ports. And if you are working on different sites, each one with different IP addressing and DNS details, and maybe even different proxy settings or 802.1x. Mac OSX has a way for configuring multiple profiles for your Ethernet connection ( or Airport wireless).