Dynamips, Dynagen, GNS3 0.7, IOS15.0 and Snow Leopard OSX

It works.

“Just In Case” versus “Just In Time” Learning. Or Why Am I Learning this useless crud !?

You need to learn what you don’t know to succeed in Networking. Understanding “Just in Case” instead of “Just in Time” learning might help you to understand why.

Opinion:Study, iPad, DRM and Me

A look at changing my study and reading habits with the Apple iPad – but not the iBooks until DRM is sorted out.

Opinion: Observations on CCNP changes and new CCIE SP Ops

Some observations on what the changes to the CCNP and CCIE programs tell us about Cisco intentions for their certification programs.

Install GNS3 on Mac OSX Leopard

This post looks at installing GNS3 on Snow Leopard and has a number of screenshots and some tips on making it go well.

Too many directions, too much to think about

I’m working on too many things – too many technologies, too many vendors. How did I get here ?

Rant: Buying from the USA – ccbootcamp

I went to buy a written study guide from ccbootcamp yesterday, cost USD$129, shipping USD$80. I guess business is too good for US companies.

Cisco CCIE 360 program – Press here to Add to Cart

I saw Cisco 3660 CCIE study program in an online store today. It struck me as poor value for money. Here’s why…

Blessay: My Life of Study – Planning, Tips and Thoughts

I was asked how I organise myself to study, and how do I make time. It not really easy to write it out because I make choices that suit my life, but if someone wants my recommendations or suggestions, here they are.

More racks from InternetExpert – better time slots

Internetwork Expert has announced more lab racks coming online in November. Most important is the new time slots which recognise that not every customer lives in America and will suit more customers globally.

Cisco does CCIE training programs ? Not really, more about image and brand

CCIE is starting its own CCIE Study program. What does this mean ? Allow me to pontificate.

Opinion:Certification Matters – Exams are not relevant to Real Life – Part 4

One of the most common complaints from mendicants is that the written exams are not relevant to daily use of the technology or their jobs, and how am I supposed to learn this stuff ? Eh ? Of course they aren’t relevant. Lets look at this fallacy.

Opinion:Certification Matters- Only you can do the study – Part 3

When its comes to achieving certification, only you can do the study. Making excuses for why you haven’t started or about how much it costs, are just excuses.

Opinion:Certification Matters -Part 2- Knowledge or Experience – Which is more valuable ?

Is knowledge or experience better when hunting for a position ? It’s a good topic and worth putting some ideas down here and having a discussion.

Opinion: Certification matters – Experience less so – Part 1

I have received a couple of comments lately about Certification and taking me to task about my support for certified people. Here’s is Part One of Three (or more) about Certification and why it matters.

Blog:Considering CCIE Security Training material

I am seriously considering whether to undertake my second CCIE exam by doing the CCIE Security. Since the credit crunch has created a downturn in the market it is the best time to study. I am reviewing the training resources available and deciding which products might be worth purchasing.

OS X:Tools – Mental Case – Flash Cards – with iPhone support

I have a constant struggle to memorise new content and review material. After some research I decided to try using flash cards as a new technique. Now I have some software to do this and its one of my favourite tools.

Blessay: IT Training Lessons from the Olympics

While the current Olympics is about as interesting as reviewing firewall rules, the current success of first world nations shows that money CAN buy you success. I’m hoping IT Managers can learn training lessons from this.

Musing: Finding all Cisco Press books on Safari

I like to see only Cisco Press books when researching or studying (since I find them easier to read and understand). A short post showing how to list Cisco Press books in O’Reilly Safari.

IOS: Reverse SSH console access – Part 2

Following my original post about configuring Reverse SSH on a Cisco console server, I wanted to make some followup to extend the usage.

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