Enterprise Cloud Computing – Build your own with Cisco VFrame – Why wait ?

I can see some value in external Cloud Computing, but why not just build your own with Cisco ? Take a bunch of leftover machines, that old storage system and get a demo version and make your own.

Brocade buys Foundry ? No great loss. Storage switches ahoy!

Following my post a couple of days ago about Buying Brocade switches it seems that Brocade isn’t going to make their own, they just bought something off the shelf.

Are you Ready to purchase a Brocade Ethernet switch ? What ?

One of the more amusing byproducts of the FCoE marketing push, is that Brocade has announced that they will producing FCoE switches for their customers. So, are you ready to buy a Brocade Ethernet switch ?

iSCSI Network Designs: Part 5 – iSCSI Multipathing, Host Bus Adapters, High Availability and Redundancy

In iSCSI Part 3 – Server Side – iSCSI Host Bus Adapters and IP Performance I looked at how server side issues would affect the traffic generated on a per server basis. I recommended that you use iSCSI HBAs for high intensity servers to meet the high levels of performance.

The next level is evaluate how the server should connect to the network, specifically, this means how many ethernet ports you need, and what configuration is needed to support them to deliver high availability / redundancy and increased bandwidth.

iSCSI Network Designs: Part 4 – Fibrechannel integration

Its possible that you would already have some Fibrechannel in your estate. Perhaps the cost of Fibrechannel for some new servers is too much when you calculate the HBA and Fibrechannel switch port costs, or you don’t need the complexity of Fibrechannel for a simple server setup. Lets look at options for connecting to the Fibrechannel nteworks.

iSCSI Network Designs: Part 3 – Server Side – iSCSI Host Bus Adapters and IP Performance

I have been researching iSCSI impementations on the server to try and understand the dfference between them and to come to grips with how they work. This article looks to compare the various methods of connecting to a iSCSI network. It seems that many people do not know or understand that the generation and transmission […]

Data Networks – more reliable to than storage networks ?

I was participating in a storage design discussion and a Storage person threw up their most common complaint about networking – “we don’t know how to build reliable networks”. Let me take a shot at that.

More people against FCoE – part 2

More posts from people who are opposed to FCoE. More meat for the mill….

Not Anti FCoE, more like Anti Fibrechannel – A Response

I got linked from Dante Malagrino at the Cisco Data Center blog yesterday. He writes a good post on why FCoE might be a good idea. Let me just say I am not only anti-FCoE, I am anti-Fibrechannel.

My rebuttal after the jump…

People against FCoE, its loud and proud – Part 1

For those of you who are thinking of rushing into FCoE and the Cisco Nexus switches you might want to think again. There are a few people coming out against FCoE and asking why is anyone bothering ? Should I be putting it in my design portfolio ? Is FCoE a done deal just because […]

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