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Response: Reinventing storage – Ethernet über alles! | Speaking of Clouds

Holy schmoly, someone in the storage industry did something new. Geoff Arnold from Speaking in Clouds writes: Yesterday Seagate introduced its Kinetic Open Storage Platform, and I’m simply blown away by it. It’s a truly elegant design, “as simple as possible, but no simpler”. The physical interconnect to the disk drive is now Ethernet. The interface […]

Response: What’s in a Name? Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel Changes the Game

OK. I’m stumped. I’m having a full blown WTF moment here. It seems the storage industry gets it’s spiral into dumb and dumber by the day. Here is lustrous and full bodied marketing failure from Brocade: I would often start product launch training meetings with the following rules: The first rule of this launch is […]

Sponsored: Brocade Virtual Symposium – Storage Convergence

Continuing the series from the Brocade Virtual Symposium. In a special video session that was sponsored by Brocade, we got Chip Copper in the room with Stephen Foskett to talk about storage convergence.

Over the last few years, I’ve been very critical of Ethernet storage protocols like [FCoE]( and the fact that storage protocols are unlikely to work well. There are few times here where Chip was able to give me answers and a different viewpoint that gave me a different take on the solutions.

Internets of Interest:17 Sep 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 17 Sep 10:

Why does HSRP have the “standby-bia” command ?

Why does HSRP have a “standby-bia” command option ?

Internets of Interest:26 Aug 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 26 Aug 10:

Should a networking engineer care about servers and storage?

As you might have noticed, everyone is talking about Data Centers lately and all the new “revolutionary” networking technologies are targeted at this segment. The reason is simple: server virtualization (not to mention the vapor-word) will forever change the networking landscape and the networking engineers might get badly hurt if caught unprepared.

Will the Real FCoE Standards Stand Up ? No, they can’t.

J Michel Metz attempted a sleight of hand magic trick to astroturf over the lack of progress on the Ethernet standards. Unpleasant.

Blessay: FCoE is JUST a transition Technology

Chris Evans believes that “FCoE” will rule the world. Hah. I believe it’s just a transition technology that drags Storage out of it’s closed, proprietary mindset into the open collaborative world. Data Networks can easily adapt.

Internets of Interest:8 Dec 09

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 8 Dec 09:

Why does iSCSI use TCP instead of IP ?

The iSCSI protocol carries block data from storage array to server. Typically, that is inside a data centre where loss is not a problem. So why use TCP and have all that overhead ?

Storage: Emulex silicon will have iSCSI, TOE, FCoE, RDMA & iWarp in a single chip

Buried in this article from the Register is aparagraph detailing Emulex Gen2 chip that does all storage virtualisation in a single chip. The FC boosters will be unhappy, they will have to compete.

Reasons For Using NFS With VMware Virtual Infrastructure

“A lot of companies are using NFS as the preferred protocol to shared storage for VMware Virtual Infrastructure. In my personal experience, The administrative options and convenience of NFS is unmatched, and the virtual machine (VM) performance is surprising.”

The case against FCoE AND Fibrechannel – a reasonably complete view

A number of storage bloggers have been questioning the relevance of FCoE and why would you bother with it. Given the size of marketing budgets pushing FCoE and the reality distortion this generates, lets look at the case AGAINST FCoE.

Network Fabric:TRILL for Server and Network People. Welcome RBridges

TRILL is a key network technology for enabling Cloud Computing by allowing for better migrations of VM’s, and better utilisation of the network switching fabric and much improved stability of the Data Centre Server Fabric.

5 Things about Cisco Announcement and a Wrap Up[Post Prandial]

So Cisco announced it Intel Servers today. Its kind of exciting if you are into Data Centers and Virtualisation. They have done something very different.

FCoE and the Return of Spanning Tree

One of the most amusing parts about Fibre Channel over Ethernet(FCoE) is that Spanning Tree is making a triumphant comeback. And I am talking a Roman style parade after the gates to the city have been built and the streets lined with gold.

Cisco is wishfully wishing for FCoE sales ?

Is Omar Sultan from Cisco is wishing that FCoE would actually get some sales ?

Foundry postpones vote on Brocade deal, stock plunges – Network World

The path to FCoE is not running smoothly is it?

Algoryhme by Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman penned this poem while she developed Spanning Tree.

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