Brocade Vyatta & Forwarding Performance on X86 Server

It’s a constant and oft repeated fallacy that software on x86 servers will never forward packets at speed. Here is Vyatta explaining why their software will be able to go past 100 Million Packets Per Second this year on standard COTS hardware.


Server Performance, Network Agents, Software Routers and Networking

Steven emailed me about whether x86 server and software networking can ever match the performance of hardware routers. The answer is yes for many use cases and no for some. I believe that most organisations could save large sums of money by replacing hardware routers in the years ahead. Here is why.


Rant: Cisco Licensing Webinar – Surely a New Low for Customers

Check this out. An entire webinar devoted to licensing of just a single product from Cisco. Obviously, Cisco licensing of UCM is now so complicated and involved  that there “Subject Matter Experts”  dedicated to handling your queries about licensing upgrades. Not the product itself mind you, or the great new features, or planning your migration process. […]

HP abolishes software licensing for Wired Ethernet Switches

HP Networking has announced no more software licenses on their networking kit.

A Better Technique for Blogging and Writing – Markdown

This post looks at my favourite method for generating HTML for blogging using a combination of MultiMarkdown and NValt.

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