Response: Digital Attack Map


This site displays a list a DDOS attacks that are happening at any time. This graphic shows a 300Gbps DDOS in the United States that lasted for six days. Fascinating (and a reminder that you can’t handle DDOS on your enterprise WAN connection).   Digital Attack Map is a live data visualization of DDoS attacks […]

Response: Cisco Closes Sourcefire Acquisition; Delivers Threat-Centric Security Model

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The announcement is a major change in Cisco Security strategy and perspective and, I think, a promising step forward: From a strategic standpoint, we will focus on a “threat-centric” security model moving forward – meaning that we will put a heavier focus on the threats themselves versus policy or controls. Given the fast-changing threat landscape, […]

Response: So What ? Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

Although yet to be confirmed, the Chaos Computer Club have been able to circumvent the fingerprint reader on an iPhone.

Big Deal. Big Hoopy Doo Deal. Golf Claps for the Kleva Kids.

Let me explain. The idea of retina or finger print scanning for any serious security application has long been discredited but not for the reasons that most people expect.

Response:How to remain secure against NSA surveillance – Bruce Schneier

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Bruce Schneier has been reviewing documents from Snowden and believes that all security platforms have been compromised by governments : Be suspicious of commercial encryption software, especially from large vendors. My guess is that most encryption products from large US companies have NSA-friendly back doors, and many foreign ones probably do as well. It’s prudent […]

Response: Application Visibility and Control | Aerohive Networks

More confirmation that the end of the firewall era (as we know it) is nearly here. Palo Alto and Aerohive are partnering to: Aerohive’s Cooperative Control networking infrastructure equipment along with Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provide a comprehensive and robust solution for optimizing the user experience on a mobile first network Looks like a […]

The Huawei Security Problem Isn’t the Hardware, it’s Engineers Fixing the Bugs.

I’ve been thinking about the security issues of working with Huawei equipment and Huawei the company. I’ve spoken with a number of people who, off the record, talk of working with Huawei as customers and their experiences of the product have been less than excellent but the price is low. What I’ve realised is concerning. […]

Cisco White Paper on IPS 4500 & 4300 Series Sensors

Vendors are rarely believable when data sheets state the performance of IPS systems. That’s partly the fact that IPS performance is variable according to types of inspection rules that are configured and the amount of traffic hitting those rules, in use. In short, IPS performance is determined by the complexity of the rules you choose to […]