Why Firewalls Won’t Matter In A Few Years

This presentation from Alex Stamos, CSO of Yahoo during the AppSec conference is explains why firewalls are not part of their security strategy. Firewalls operating at 10G or more are not cost effective. Vertical scaling of performance costs more than the services are worth. At 100G, a firewall has less than 6.7 nanoseconds to “add value” […]

Being Hacked Is Good For Business! or Why You Need To Security Detection not Security Prevention


I’ve always said that its pointless investing in strong IT security because it will drag down profits and productivity which impacts your stock price in the current quarter. Be prepared for the media campaign that reacts to a security breach and make the most of the media coverage for promotion, exposure and business growth.

Response: Rate-limiting State and Internet Frailty – ACM


This article from the Association of Computing Machinery and written by no less than Paul Vixie. It is a detailed review of the basic facts of the Internet being smart at the edge and dumb in the middle. By design, the Internet core is stupid, and the edge is smart. This design decision has enabled […]

Snowden, NSA Exploit Kits and Commercial Espionage

A few months back, Der Spiegel published a carefully selected cache of documents about the NSA Exploit Kits used to compromise a wide range of commercial network and security hardware and software. I haven’t seen anyone discussing the implications for commercial espionage. NSA Exploit Catalog A few months back, Der Spiegel published a carefully selected […]

Response: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection – Renesys

The report shows strong evidence that very specific prefixes were hijacked and diverted to countries where legal jurisdiction could be reasonably assumed to be weak. Renesys does not say which prefixes were hijacked but consider hijacking a corporate PI space and capturing a copy of all the email to & from a large company (email […]