Differentiation in Software Defined WAN


One of the most interesting things about SD-WAN is the level of real differentiation between the different vendors that has actual business outcomes. Let me explain, most SD-WAN vendors are using overlay networks to bypass the restrictions and limitations of IP routing. A few of the features in common are: multi-path networking dynamic and temporal […]

Where are we with SDN in May 2015 ?

There is so much to talk about in SDN that I couldn’t finish any of the dozen or so blog posts that I started in the last three weeks. Instead I created a 15 minute Keynote presentation that had the key points that I wanted to blog about.

SNA was Awful. SDN Isn’t Awful (Yet)


Back in the day, I wasn’t a SNA expert but that was because almost no one was using it. Oh sure, SNA was used by all the big companies to connect their TN5250 terminals to their mainframes using SDLC but back in 1995 there  A) weren’t that many companies who could afford to operate a […]