Response: Speeds and Feeds › Of Money, Responsibility, and Pride

Steve Marquess who manages the business side of the OpenSSL Foundation talks about the shabby state of corporate support for open source development. I want to call out this paragraph first (although many other are more interesting), about the courage and discipline it takes to publish your work in the face of fear of public […]


Response: Best Of Interop 2014 Winners Unveiled

Well deserved Overall Best of Interop  (in my opinion) for OpenDaylight Hydrogen release. As the IEEE and IETF fail deliver on innovation we are turning to open source for real progress & change in networking. While the Open Daylight Hydrogen release is a bit rough, it deserves the Best of Interop award for the reasons […]

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Response: Netronome 100GE Cards Target SDN | EE Times

Dual 100G interface and 24 MILLION flow table entries for Open vSwitch ? And flow setup rates to match.

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Response: Is TLS Fast Yet?

The impacts of market commoditisation in networking happen are occurring in more segments than just whitebox switches and network operating system. The Internet is steadily progressing towards the exclusive use of HTTP for all communication and bypasses the plethora of protocols that were once in use. And even within HTTP, the current direction of the HTTP/2 protocol standards and it’s proposed of TLS encryption for all protocols will radically change many aspects of the Internet.

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Response: Published Workbooks at Fryguy’s Blog

Jeff Fry has been quietly making a significant contribution to the networking community via a series of workbooks on NX-OS, IOS-XR and Junos that provide practical insight and experience into configuring, using and generally making like better.

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Response: Three Bits of Advice from Discussing the Impact of VMware’s NSX at VMworld | IT Connection Blogs

This article from Mike Fratto at Current Analysis is great observation. Here is my view on the core topic: Networking vendors need to embrace homogeneity—that’s my first bit of advice—and present the most homogenous network to the virtual environment they can. By being homogenous, enterprises can swap out networking with far less disruption than having […]

Response: Application Visibility and Control | Aerohive Networks

More confirmation that the end of the firewall era (as we know it) is nearly here. Palo Alto and Aerohive are partnering to: Aerohive’s Cooperative Control networking infrastructure equipment along with Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provide a comprehensive and robust solution for optimizing the user experience on a mobile first network Looks like a […]

Response:Revenge of the TOE and TCP Offload problems

Very interesting story from the front lines here where a lot of effort finally discovered the TOE was causing a major problem:

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