Response: Georgia & Verdana – typefaces for the screen –

It seems to me that many people do not understand that the fonts used in your documents are specifically designed for printing or use on a computer. Many fonts that look great on a printed page look fuzzy and ill defined on a computer screen. The typefaces you normally read have been designed to be […]


Bonjour, Zeroconf, Rendezvous – Why three names for the same thing ?

I’ve been researching Bonjour networking as used by Apple for Airplay and AirPrint technologies. Bonjour allows for auto configuration and auto discovery of network services and devices. Apple iPad and iPhones will be part of the corporate network in the near future and people will want to use the AirPlay feature for screen displays and AirPrint for printing – you will need to know what it is.

What are 10 Gigabit Ultra Short Reach (USR) Optics ?

A couple of weeks back I posted this article comparing pricing and features on Cisco Fabric Ethernet Transceivers as a low cost option compared to 10GbaseSR SFP+ optics in when building 10GbE networks – Cisco Nexus 5000 / 2000 Pricing Bundles and Fabric Extension Transceivers (FETs) vs 10GbaseSR SFPs.

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