Rant: Certguard in Computerworld – go and register your disgust

Certguard have been mentioned in a Computerworld article about exam cheats. Please go and leave a comment to show how disgusting that Certguard, who falsely accuse people of cheating, have been used for comment.

Managing and Technical Life – reprise

Give the amount of misinterpretation from my previous post, let me expand my hypothesis a little further.

Rant:Managing is easy compared to technical life

Not everyone will be a good manager, but very few people will ever be a good, I mean _really_ good, technician or engineer. You should be willing to pay for that.

Rant:New Logos ? Tasteless rubbish

When I first heard about the logos, I thought, fair enough. Now I have had a closer look, and taken a few days to think about it – they are rubbish.

Rant: I loathe Voicemail, its disruptive and inefficient

Its hard to describe how disruptive voice mail can be to an organised engineering day. The idea that someone can leave a message which requires me to undertake a further action (usually without confirmation) is anathema to being organised and getting things done.

Rant: F5 LTM and GTM doesn’t do external AAA authorization

F5 BigIP LTM and GTM does not have any user authorisation capability for administration by Radius or TACACS. Can you believe that? They have been producing F5 BigIP software for more than a decade and I cannot believe that customers have not been asking to provide external user authorisation. To compare, I have just been […]

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