Click Those Brogues Together

Rant: Living with Legacy and Public Cloud Farting

No matter how hard the clouderati click the heels of their brogues together and repeat “public cloud is better” , the simple fact is that most companies have large amounts of IT infrastructure that works just fine and is profitable. To make matters worse, the cost of transformation exceeds the potential financial return while creating […]

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Rant: Everything at Cisco is a “Game”

Is everything at Cisco a game ? Cisco is changing the game, reducing complexity and making it simpler for enterprises to deliver and manage application delivery to users. Cisco ISR-AX is Now a Part of the Integrated Services Router Family!. Protecting Our Networks: It’s a Team Game Now! Cisco is changing the game for B2B […]


Rant: Lazy Documentation, NX-OS and Asking for Feedback

I loathe being asked to complete customer surveys and providing feedback because it happens so often. It must be fashionable among the MBA and marketing types because it never bloody stops. It sure feels like every vendor interaction these days involves taking a survey. I don’t think it will be long before a survey will need included in the PO acceptance process by some vendors & resellers.


Rant: Our Vendor Partners Dont Have an SDN Vision

There is an old saying “A man with his eyes fixed on Heaven doesn’t see where he is going”. It’s an almost perfect description of how the major vendors are bringing Software Defined Networking to the market.

The consistent message from all the vendors and especially the Cisco, Juniper and Brocade is that there are “no use cases for SDN”. In the last three months, this has been a constantly repeated statement both publicly and privately. This beggars belief that vendors can’t see immediate needs that deliver long term gains.

I suspect that the root of this problem is the big companies want to solve big problems. And by solving big problems they figure that they can make big revenue. Alright, I get that. It’s understandable that large organisations need a constant revenue stream to feed the insatiable maws of their shareholders. However, the vendors re also missing the most real and immediate problem of networking today. Simply, Networking is too hard.

Vendors haven’t developed tools that keep the complexity of networking under control. Complexity can be reduced to this: “I don’t have big problems, I have lots of small problems.” You can have debates about addressing complexity and how to attack it, but it nearly always boils down to this: start small.

Rant: Who is Cisco’s Customer ? Me or the reseller ?

I resent the fact that Cisco partners get more information than Customers on Cisco’s website. Shows you who Cisco thinks the Customer really is.

What special powers do resellers have that makes them more effective ?

How does withholding information from Customers give a better outcome ?

Me ? Many resellers are not competent enough to be business and need a headstart to be useful to customers. Without some sort of “special needs” assistance, they wouldn’t be in the race.

Too harsh ? IBM and HP don’t rely on resellers to win business. Why does Cisco ?

Comment: “Worlds Youngest CCIE” not so All That.

There is some buzz going on at the moment about a guy that has managed to pass his CCIE at something like 18 years of age. Congratulations to him for a job well done. However, I would point out that this isn’t exactly a great achievement. In my opinion, there are people who are much more worthy of recognition for passing a certification.

The Case for Network Emulators

It’s time to start demanding that vendors make their emulators available to their customers so that we can save money, improve customer value, and increase the Networking Market.

Whats the difference between kbps and kBps ? A lot.

Whats the difference between kbps and kBps ? A lot.

Cisco Cius – That’s not Innovation, it’s ME TOO.

So Cisco “announced” the Cius Android tablet. It’s not innovation. It’s just a cheap knockoff that’s easy to do.

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket?

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket? Something I heard this week made me really start to wonder?

Rant: Deleting My Facebook Acount – Done

I have had serious concerns about Facebook exploiting my information for some time. Their drive for growth and to make money from their captured audience has seen them move over the line of what I regard as acceptable behaviour into unethical behaviour.

Rant: It’s a Yes / No Question & Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell begins here

For Crom’s sake, answer the question. Who let the marketing people write this stuff!!!

OH, AND Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell starts now. I’m calling it.

Rant: Brocade requires login & service contract to access Foundry Manuals

So, I’m working on some Foundry gear and I’d like get access to some manuals to learn how Foundry works. Except they are hidden behind a login for valid service contract holders. Whats up with that ?

Rant:Cisco – Masters of the Networking World – what’s that on your home page ?

Is Cisco’s home page a complete FAIL today ? Or is that just me.

Rant: People are Not Valuable or Why I don’t attend Office Parties

I am often asked to attend parties with my co-workers for people who are leaving, Christmas or team parties. Then I realised how little it really mattered and got on with my life.


Rant:Why is the IEEE all about secrecy ?

I’m not happy that IEEE hides much of the meeting and discussions that progress the standards that affect all of us. Why does it have to be a secret ?

Rant:Cisco Networkers Virtual – its bad, very bad.

I went to Networkers in Barcelona last year and got a login to the Networkers Virtual. Frankly, what a pile of utterly misguided marketing hype. It’s unusable and not fit for purpose.

Rant:My growing dislike of “cross marketing”

I purchase a new product / thing / software. I delight in opening / using / starting it for the first time. Then, an advertisement spews up for a related product. Lousy douchetards, if I wanted that, I would have bought it.

Why does this remind me of putting FCoE in my network ?

This photo reminds me of networks that I have worked on. FCoE anyone ?

Rant:D-Link hijacks your Internets – IN FIRMWARE

Ubersource points out the D-Link router/modem firmware forces you to go their website and receive spamvertising about security software. You have to login to the router, go Advanced and OPT OUT to stop this. This is very poor practice. Opt-out is NEVER ACCEPTABLE, and using a piece of hardware that is fully paid for to […]

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