Juniper QFabric – My Speculations

Ivan has blogged about how he thinks Juniper QFabric works Speculation: This is How I Would Build a QFabric, while I agree in terms of the software elements ( at least, they look like good guesses to me), I would like to discuss more about the hardware:

There are three components in a QFabric kit list :

  • Interconnect
  • Edge Switch
  • Manager

QFabric – What excites me!

I was intrigued and excited about the Junipers announcement last week of QFabric. I was vaguely aware of TRILL and Cisco implementation (Fabric Path), but came to the table (so to speak) with no pre-conceptions of what I might expect.   SCI-FI – Is this just me? Is the Q in QFabric taken from sci-fi […]

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