Network Safety Starts With You - (click to embiggen!) - Download and place on your cubicle wall

Poster: Network Safety Starts With You

Being a Network Engineer is a hazardous and even dangerous profession yet the Health and Safety division doesn’t seem to care about the network damage and prevention.

It’s time for us to stand up and start our own ITIL-compliant safety campaign. I’ve prepared the following handy sign for you to print and place on your cubicle wall to remind you to be safe out there.


Poster: Let Us Stop Feeding The Machines With Human Blood

Digital Artwork, 2014. Inspirational verse captured in electronic frame relating to existing work practices and hoping for a better future.   Post Ops:A Non-Surgical Tale of Software, Fragility and Reliability 


Humour: Types of Networking Crap Poster

I figured this would make a good poster. So I made a poster about the “Types of Network Crap” (since I prefer not to use swear words on my blog) after a strong response to the tweet I did a couple of weeks ago.


Poster: Manager, Engineer, Architect, ITIL Consultant

Because ITIL sucks the enjoyment out of working in technology by making pointless administrative work.


Poster: Keep Calm, Do Networks Everywhere

Keep Calm and Do Network Everywhere.

Poster: Cloud Price Negotiation

Poster: Cloud Price Negotiations

Some time ago, I was asked to work with a Cloud Provider to establish a budget for a potential project. I was unable to set a project budget because there was no way of capping the cost and meeting a budget. This is how the conversations with the sales representative went when discussing “How much […]


Poster: Cloud Kittens

Because Cloud Computing wouldn’t kill just ONE kitten at a time.

Poster: The Eight Levels of Vendor Acceptance

The answer that you get from your vendor is never a __YES__ , or, not directly. This handy guide is the eight levels of vendor acceptance where answers

Poster: Servers, Tablets. Just Desktops and Printers to Go.

I did this a while back, but with Cisco recently announcing the VXI thin client desktops in the last week or so, it seems more relevant that ever. Enjoy.

Poster – Reassuringly Expensive

My view on the Cisco tax and John Chambers charging a premium.

Cisco CRS-3 Motivational Marketing Poster

My new poster on the Cisco CRS-3 announcement.

Poster: Cisco 360˙Program Training Waiver

In some way, the CCIE OEQ Waiver sounds like a mafia protection racket.

Cisco Borderless Networks Motivational Marketing Poster

Cisco Borderless Network motivational marketing poster.

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