Appearance on WhoIS Podcast with Josh O’Brien

Josh O’Brien interviewed me on his WhoIs podcast. The WhoIs podcast is about talking to the people who work in technology and discussing how they conduct their professional lives. Josh is talking to the person, not about technology so show covers a range of topics about how I approach my work life, some of my current […]

Show 37 – Even More IPv6 Ready Than Last Week

Guests Terry Slattery http://www.netcraftsmen.net Tom Hollingsworth http://networkingnerd.wordpress.com | Twitter: @NetworkingNerd John McManus http://etherealmind.com/author/mcmanusj/ | Twitter: @_johnmcmanus_ Matthew Norwood http://networktherapy.wordpress.com @matthewnorwood and last, and the very least. Greg Ferro http://etherealmind.com| Twitter @etherealmind Topic 1 – Cisco UC or Microsoft Lyncs What’s the difference ? Does anyone care ? http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9742864 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg293124.aspx http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/voicesw/ps556/index.html Topic 2 – Data Cabling Talking […]

Show 35 – Media Markup – A Garden of Switches

Intro This is Packet Pushers Media Mungle, new format were we gather people from from the technology media to sit down around the virtual workbench and look back at events with beady media eye. We’ll take closer look at what’s been happening and discuss what’s happening in a little bit more detail. We got a […]

Packet Pushers – Show 32 – Media Mungle

Packet Pushers Show 32 – Media Mungle.

Packet Pushers – Show 31 – Don’t Take It Too Seriously

A mixed bag of topics this week, some from people who have written in and some more general topics.

Unplugged – Show 4 – Too Many iPads

Packet Pushers Unplugged looks at the impact of too many iPads on wireless networks, fast roaming and personal WiFi devices.

Show 29 – IT is about SKILLS not Business

Packet Pushers Show 29 – IT is about SKILLS and not about business. IT is a business. Argue.

Show 26 – Virtual Connect – The Conversion ?

This week we are joined by Ken Henault from HP. Ken is a leader in the VirtualConnect product from HP. In the past, Greg has ranted about the the VirtualConnect product and how crap it looks so we got together to ‘go at it’ and see if he can be convinced that VC has value.

How did it go ? ….. you be the judge.

Show 23 – We Love the Love and Love Your Questions

Packet Pushers, who love the love, take all your questions and attempt to provide answers. Well, at least we talk about them. Or something.

Packet Pushers Runt Packet No 6 – Force 10 Networks

This week the Runt Packet is with Force 10 Networks.

Packet Pushers – Show 16 – Big Hot and Heavy Switches – Part 1

A detailed look at the Big, Hot and Heavy Ethernet Switches with a large crew to talk about their practical experiences on design, selection and performance of Cisco Nexus switches. The result ? We don’t think the Nexus switches are very exciting, HP Flex10 modules are a problem, and so much more. Due to people […]


Show 10 ñ Itís a TRILL to Cius at CiscoLiveÖ

Wow, we actually managed to do ten episodes. Jeremy Filliben, CCIE #3851 & CCDE #20090003 (@jfilliben) and Brandon Carroll, CCIE #23827 (@brandoncarroll) join the Prime Pushers for an hour-long round-table discussion of the week’s news.  And if you missed Greg last week, he’s back – with rant mode decidedly ON. More on Cisco’s shipping and […]


Show 8 – Something on the Light Side – Part 1

A collection of topics this week and joined by Jeremy Stretch from Packetlife and Amy Arnold (a woman in networking no less!!) to cover the news in the Networking Industry.


Packet Pushers – Show 5 – Deep Diving on Data Centre Switching – Trill, RBridges, and Ethernet – Oh My

This week, the Pushers start talking about switches then go totally nerd on Data Centre Ethernet and new protocols.


Packet Pushers Podcast – Show 4 – The Interview Process

This week Dan, Ethan and Greg cover some news and then put Marko Milivojevic through a “job interview” to deep dive the Interview Process.

Announcing the Packet Pushers Podcast – “Lab Scenario 1″

What do you get when three opinionated, irritable, knowledgeable and community minded Network Engineers on the telephone to talk about life in the Networking industry ? And if you recorded those three CCIE’s and published it as a podcast ? What would that be like ?

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