Show 37 – Even More IPv6 Ready Than Last Week

Guests Terry Slattery Tom Hollingsworth | Twitter: @NetworkingNerd John McManus | Twitter: @_johnmcmanus_ Matthew Norwood @matthewnorwood and last, and the very least. Greg Ferro| Twitter @etherealmind Topic 1 – Cisco UC or Microsoft Lyncs What’s the difference ? Does anyone care ? Topic 2 – Data Cabling Talking […]

Show 35 – Media Markup – A Garden of Switches

Intro This is Packet Pushers Media Mungle, new format were we gather people from from the technology media to sit down around the virtual workbench and look back at events with beady media eye. We’ll take closer look at what’s been happening and discuss what’s happening in a little bit more detail. We got a […]

Show 26 – Virtual Connect – The Conversion ?

This week we are joined by Ken Henault from HP. Ken is a leader in the VirtualConnect product from HP. In the past, Greg has ranted about the the VirtualConnect product and how crap it looks so we got together to ‘go at it’ and see if he can be convinced that VC has value.

How did it go ? ….. you be the judge.