Rant: Hey Cisco – Your Website Still Blows

I don’t always get to use my own computer. And Corporate Desktops don’t let you change your settings. I had to use someone else’s Windows computer today to look up Cisco’s website for documentation.


Look, I get that Uncle John wants us to use the web site so he makes more profits (read: lower support costs if customers do it themselves), which isn’t a bad idea since most of us know what we want anyway and don’t particularly want anyone else to help us out. And Cisco has tried to produce a lot of documentation – its a big part of our relationship. So there is lots of good content there and I spend a lot of time looking at the site. But lets keep it working. We need to put engineers back in charge of the design and ditch the bloody hipsters who are trying to be as offensive as possible – obviously their mothers hated them because they seem to need a lot of attention.

Cisco Live Europe 2011 – Walking the Show Floor

In previous years I have not really spend a lot of time in the world of solutions, because it’s not been overly interesting. This year I decided to spend some time walking the floor and looking for interesting and new products and therefore I wanted to cover what I found interesting this year.

Sales is a not a ‘Game’ or a ‘War’

It’s common among certain companies for their sales people and engineers to talk about ‘winning’ or ‘beating’ their competition, or ‘slamming’ their counterparts. I want to take a minute to point out how puerile this is, and how offensive it is to be a customer to this type of high school thinking.

Remote (in band) configuration tips

However working on a Global network, especially if you are making changes in-band and you don’t have the facility to access the system via a remote console or have remote power control(For people who do have such infrastructure I am insanely jealous), then you need have a few outs to keep you out of trouble. I thought I would share some useful tips that help minimise risk for you when doing remote changes.

Network Design – Creativity and Compromise

Of all the disciplines that are needed by a ëNetwork Consultantí, the one of design is by far the most difficult for me. For years I wondered why I found designing solutions difficult. I’m a CCIE with over 15 years experience; Iíve worked with some great networking people and on some very complex networks. Iíve got a stack of excellent books, Iíve even read some of them, yet I still find it difficult to be decisive and confident when designing.