Whats the difference between kbps and kBps ? A lot.

Whats the difference between kbps and kBps ? A lot.

What does HP Networking Need To Do Be Successful ?

Following the HP Network Tech Day here are my thoughts on what HP needs to do to be successful – from an engineers perspective.

Cisco Cius – That’s not Innovation, it’s ME TOO.

So Cisco “announced” the Cius Android tablet. It’s not innovation. It’s just a cheap knockoff that’s easy to do.

Market positioning Acadia, EMC, Cisco and the whole vBlock Idea

So a while back, Cisco, VMWare and EMC announced that they are forming a partnership to co-operatively sell and support products in a joint venture named Acadia. Selected engineers and sales grunts, USD$200 million bucks and “no large customer left untouched” door to door marketing campaign. Is there anything to it ?

Outburst: Brocade – What’s their direction ?

I haven’t got any idea what Brocade is going to do next. Why would I buy their products when I can’t see the future ?

If I can’t fix it, I’ll break it. And that’s OK, it needed fixing anyway.

When explaining outage risks in a change review, I often need to grit my teeth and say quietly to myself…..

The Harbinger of Death for PABX and IP Telephony

Unlimited voice/text/data plans in the UK signal the end of Legacy and IP Telephony market as we know it.

Opinion: Observations on CCNP changes and new CCIE SP Ops

Some observations on what the changes to the CCNP and CCIE programs tell us about Cisco intentions for their certification programs.

On books, e-books, Copyright and Author return

Ivan Pepelnjak has good rant about people stealing books.

How are you feeling about Cisco ?

Some people have pointed out that I have been Cisco bashing lately. Let’s check if it’s just me.

Rant: People are Not Valuable or Why I don’t attend Office Parties

I am often asked to attend parties with my co-workers for people who are leaving, Christmas or team parties. Then I realised how little it really mattered and got on with my life.

Cisco, EMC, VMware – living together isn’t the same as married

A bunch of CEO’s promising to play ‘nice’ with each others toys is not a convincing marketing exercise. Cisco and EMC/VMware need to merge to get big enough to compete with HP / IBM.

Rant:My growing dislike of “cross marketing”

I purchase a new product / thing / software. I delight in opening / using / starting it for the first time. Then, an advertisement spews up for a related product. Lousy douchetards, if I wanted that, I would have bought it.

My thoughts on Google ChromeOS mean for networking ?

Google’s ChromeOS means a return to standards based networking, and reducing the Microsoft monopoly. Plus cheap netbooks. A quick take on what I’m thinking.

Cisco CCIE 360 program – Press here to Add to Cart

I saw Cisco 3660 CCIE study program in an online store today. It struck me as poor value for money. Here’s why…

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Tidal Software, Inc. – Cisco Systems

Is Cisco buying up Cloud Computing software ?

The greatest risk to Cloud Computing ? The Vista effect.

Everyday brings news of another failure of a “Cloud Computing” service. It won’t take much in the current economic climate for the market to take a “Vista view” and not buy it.

How Help Desk SLA’s lie – “Four Hour Response” my butt.

I once had to contact an outsourced Help Desk on an urgent matter. I rang the Help Desk and logged my call with the operator. I confirmed that there was a four hour response. Yeah, right, it took 12 hours to fix it.

Satyam fraud – shakes foundation of Cloud Computing ?

Outsourcing is under threat when one of the big five Indian outsourcing companies is a fraud. And if you think that only the CEO is involved (as he claims) then I have a bridge to sell you. UPDATE: The CFO has gone missing as well as the CEO.

Opinion:If Cisco moves into consumer, what happens to Enterprise and SP ?

Several pieces have been posted about Cisco announcing a major move into the consumer electronics space. This has me me thinking that Cisco is no longer serious about Enterprise or Service Provider……

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