Musing: Private Clouds is Next. VMware and Nicira is about that.

It’s my personal suspicion that we might be approaching the start of the Private Cloud era. The herald is probably Microsoft getting their Office 2013 cloud package off the ground. By the time big companies, and especially Microsoft arrive, you realise that the early and exciting phases of public cloud are over.

Rant: Platforms All The Way Down


I’ve just been forced to sit through a vendor presentation that had a lot of talk about their “platform” and how successful it’s been, and how valuable it is. When I pointed out that it was dependent on at least three other platforms, there was pause. Silence. The sales team, clearly, hadn’t realised this and it wasn’t part of the vendor briefing. I told them, it’s “Platforms All The Way Down”.

Diverging Ethernet Switch Markets

I’ve been catching up on the Juniper QFabric announcement from yesterday. While I’m still attempting to digest the ramifications of the technology and the methodology that this brings to the Data Centre let’s step back and take a wider look at what this means for the ethernet switching marketplace. It’s clear the Ethernet switching is no longer a single marketplace.