Citrix Branch Repeater : WCCP or not to WCCP that is the question?

Whether ’tis nobler in the network to suffer un-accelerated traffic during an outage or to take arms in the form of Policy Based Routing. When you decide to†deploy†Citrix Branch Repeaters (CBR) you have to†deploy†at either end of the WAN to accelerate and compress traffic between these endpoints. Therefore it would seem sensible to have some […]

Fault Detection in Metro Ethernet

Following my article on Loop-Free Alternate Routes, Michael McNamara made a good point about some of the issues detecting failure in a Metro Ethernet network. This seems to be a commonly misunderstood problem.

Verifiying IPsec and SSL Performance of ASA Firewall

It’s difficult to a get any documentation from Cisco that confirms the forwarding performance of the ASA firewall. However, once you have got a unit, the “show crypto acclerator statistics” is a handy way to verify and check the hardware performance of your ASA. I think that most of this output is self-explanatory so I’m […]

Cisco IP Traceroute Characters

Note to self about Cisco Traceroute characters and what they mean. Directly from the Cisco IOS user documentation.

So you want to use a 3750-X as a Router?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy This seems a straightforward question! Just load up with advanced IP services license, install the license file and reboot the switch and you should be good to go. Well that’s what I thought until recently when I done the very steps above and on the surface seemed okay but I wanted […]

Personal Change Control

Change Control In many organisations there are processes in place to manage change, depending on the size of the organisation the change control process can be very in depth and frustrating or can be non-existent. I have experienced many people talking about change management process as if it was the root of all evil. What […]

Licensing Tips for 3750 Stacks

Recently I had to upgrade some 3750-x Stacks to Advanced Services and the Cisco documentation was a bit short of advice, and certainly not all in the one place. So here is a quick run down of some key steps.

Cisco IOS SX Storm Control

Blurt on Cisco Storm Control

Putty – Fixing Right Click Paste

Fixing the Right Click Paste action of PuTTY to prevent mistakes when copy and pasting.

The Case for Network Emulators

It’s time to start demanding that vendors make their emulators available to their customers so that we can save money, improve customer value, and increase the Networking Market.

Apple deprecates Java, Network Management client software goes…… where ? Call for HTML5

Apple has announced the end of Java support for the MAC. This means that all those fat clients so loved by management vendors are looking shaky. About time too, time to piss off those bloody Java software clients and move on.

The Ancient and Noble Art of Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, itís something we all do. It may be your parents Internet connection, the company photocopier, your kidís car or the core network of a medium sized bank. However, troubleshooting is not like that, itís more like football, years of watching and playing does not guarantee to make you a superstar. However, with troubleshooting, just like football, it does teach you enough so you have an opinion on how it should be done.

Capturing VLAN Tagged Packets and Microsoft Windows

Turns out the Windows Network driver implementation are so loose and uncontrolled that there is no consistent behaviour when capturing packets with VLAN tags.

Always Fill a Rack from the Bottom Up

Safety Tip that you may not have thought about when installing new kit into racks.

Maximum Number of Insertions for GBICs

Ever thought about whether a GBIC has a maximum number of insertions into a transceiver ? Surprising answer follows…..

Why buy Dual Supervisors on Cisco Nexus 7000 ?

One reason you’ve never thought of for buying dual supervisors for the Nexus 7000, or even the Catalyst 6500.

Control CPU usage in GNS3 / Dynamips with Process Lasso

have been a user of Dynamips/GNS3 for several years now and I canít imagine what I would do without it. I use it for doing Proof Of Concept work and for Studying. This tip looks at managing CPU utilisation on Windows.

Sharing Ideas – GLBP and HSRP

John McManus kicks off writing at EtherealMind with a look HSRP and GLBP First Hop Redundancy Protocols.

Best Technique for Date formatting and the global problem – ISO8601

When working in a global company, a major problem is the way that some countries use the wrong date formatting. Say hello to ISO8601, standard for date formats.

Network ZEN: OSPF or EIGRP

Network Zen on choosing OSPF or EIGRP routing protocols

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