Network Dictionary – BUM

BUM = Broadcast, Unknown unicast and Multicast. Generic term to describe the three types of Ethernet modes: Broadcast Ethernet Unicast Ethernet Multicast Ethernet In all Layer 2 networking, the broadcast and multicast modes are major scaling challenges and create single failure domains. The term BUM is used extensively in L2 DCI discussions.

Network Dictionary:Oxford comma

Define Oxford Comma

Network Dictionary – Star Pass

Define “Star Pass”

Network Dictionary – Security Feasance

I’ve often used the word malfeasance when writing security papers but today I learned that many forms “feasance:

Network Dictionary – SR-IOV

Define Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)

Network dictionary – “run that up the flagpole”

Define “Run That Up the Flagpole”


Network Dictionary – WOMBAT

Define a “Wombat” project.

Network Dictionary – Coin Operated

Define “Coin Operated”

Network Dictionary – Pinch off a Packet

Define “Pinch off a Packet”

Network Dictionary – Cloudtard

define Cloudtard

Network Dictionary – squirrel

Define “squirrel”

Network Dictionary – Default Gateway of Blame

Define “Default Gateway of Blame”

Network Dictionary – powerpointalism

Define “powerpointalism”

Network Dictionary – Negotiable Affection

“Negotiable Affection”

Network Dictionary – Uncle John

Define “Uncle John”

Network Dictionary – Crunchy Edge & Soft Centre

Define the term “Crunchy Edge”

Network Dictionary – Parable

Parable. n.

Network Dictionary – “Google Technician”

Define “Google Technician”

Network Dictionary – GREKs

Define GREKs

Network Dictionary – Mating Cycles

Define “Mating Cycles”

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