Book Release: Tips on Using Visio To Make Network Diagrams

I’ve unearthed and updated a guide to creating network diagrams in Visio. I wrote the first versions in 2010 using a custom software and finally worked out how to export the data. If you ever wanted to


Network Diagrams: Drawing Overlay Network Layers

Network diagrams that show overlay networks take some getting used to. Here is my current method for producing a stacked layers idea for overview.


Network Diagrams: Choosing Better and Free Fonts

Making diagrams aesthetically appealing with visual impact is better documentation. Choosing the correct fonts on network diagrams will improve your network diagrams significantly. Here is some work on how to choose a good font and some recommendations on the best free fonts for your machine.


My New Diagram Colour Scheme “Old Disco Style”

In the last week I’ve been moving to use bolder and brighter colours with a flatter look on my diagrams. When I loaded iOS7 onto my iPad this week I wrote a post on my personal blog describing the feel of iOS7 as “Feels like My Old Disco Outfit”. Therefore I call this colour scheme […]


On Diagrams and Information

I’ve been working on a lot of diagrams lately and pondering how to represent network architectures. I’ve been reading The Visual Display of Quantitative Information to get some inspiration on different approaches. I continue to be fascinated by the power of a network diagram that is well thought out and visually pleasing. And this fascination has led to my own focus on different network diagrams. In this post I’m thinking out loud one the different ways to represent information.

Google Docs now supports Diagrams

Check out Google Docs – it does a very good job (considering) of Network Diagrams.

Network Diagrams: Tips for Printing from Visio

It seems that printing from Visio is not particularly obvious. So this post covers how I would print documents from A4 to A0 paper sizes and some tips on getting good results.

Network Diagrams:Zones on a diagram with Visio shape union

The post looks at using the Union of shapes in Visio to create unusal shaped objects. Especially useful when trying to draw zones to show the DMZ in dual layer firewall cluster.

Network Diagrams: Drawing complex VLAN Networks with IP Addressing

Following my previous articles, lets go a little deeper in labelling the VLAN created and ways to handle multiple VLANs on a diagram.

Network Diagrams: Drawing Freehand Curves (and then fixing them)

Continuing on with absurdly popular posts about making diagrams in Visio. Lets draw a line in freehand. It will be broken, because we aren’t artists so lets talk about how to fix it.

Network Diagrams:Locking the Background Shape

Once you are using background shapes, you find that they keep on getting in the way. This post looks at how to lock the shape so you diagram over the top of it.

Network Diagrams: Labelling an VLAN/IP Segment

Lets build the Layer 3 segment from yesterday’s post into something you can use in a detailed design.

Network Diagrams: VLANs and IP Subnets

One of the most common items that we need to draw are VLANs and Layer 3 segment. Lets look at one way to create a useful shape.

Network Diagrams: Drawing the Background Shape

This post looks at how to draw the background shape and shaping following my previous posts on drawing network diagrams.

On the Art of Network Diagrams and Presentation

Network Diagrams are the most effective communication tools that are available for network engineers. Frankly, a document is nice, but often contains only supporting information. Lets take some time to look at how a good looking diagram can be made.

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