Too many directions, too much to think about

I’m working on too many things – too many technologies, too many vendors. How did I get here ?

Microsoft OpenDocument doesn’t REALLY work

Microsoft continues to disappoint its customers. This time the loudly announced ODF support doesn’t appear to actually work.

Musing:Schooner Launches Specialized Servers for Speedy Data Delivery

Musing:There is hope for the world after all

Knowing that there are young people like this in the world is exciting. Not only does she do math, she does APPLIED math and can clearly articulate the vision and application of the science. Network Designers could learn a lot from watching this. ISEF ’08 Winner: Knot Theory Mathematics Via Boing Boing.

Design: When to choose Free Space Optics (Ethernet Lasers) ?

Some technologies just don’t catch on, no matter how good they are. Free Space Optics or Ethernet Lasers is one of those technologies. I take a quick look here.

Diagrams and Colour Pencils

When working through the creative phase of a design, I use colour pencils to layout diagrams and think through issues.

Musing:How long does it take to transfer data ? Rules of Thumb

When it comes transferring large files or data sets ( say bigger than 10 Gigabytes), many people forget that the transfer time becomes significant.

NAT’d or translated – the votes are in – we have a WINNER

The poll votes are in, the Magic Gnomes have carefully examined all the ballots (in addition to the their day job of checking all the packets

Question: Is it Natted or is it NAT’d ?

When writing documentation I refer to network address translation as NAT. When a packet or flow undergoes the NAT process, is it Natted or NAT’d ? I prefer to use NAT’d as this suits my thinking but I would lile to ask you what you would choose before I add it to the Network Dictionary. […]

Musing: Finding all Cisco Press books on Safari

I like to see only Cisco Press books when researching or studying (since I find them easier to read and understand). A short post showing how to list Cisco Press books in O’Reilly Safari.

Musing: On Reading and Learning from a Computer Screen

One of the other tricks I have had to learn is how to read from a computer screen. Here are my musings on learning and reading from a computer screen instead of paper.

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