Musing: Observations on IBM sale of Server Division to Lenovo

Reuters reports that Lenovo has bought the server division of IBM. Some observations from my perspective.


◎ Musing: Cisco Live Orlando 2013 Epilogue

I find that I’m reflecting on a memorable Cisco Live while grinding on the post-prandial activities like email and deadlines.

Windows Tools aren’t worth selling.

I was working with a PR person who asked me about some software tools. They wanted to know why I didn’t consider these tools anymore.

QFabric – What excites me!

I was intrigued and excited about the Junipers announcement last week of QFabric. I was vaguely aware of TRILL and Cisco implementation (Fabric Path), but came to the table (so to speak) with no pre-conceptions of what I might expect.   SCI-FI – Is this just me? Is the Q in QFabric taken from sci-fi […]

Nokia and Microsoft announce Partnership – Observations

So Nokia and Microsoft have joined to make phones. Some Observations.

Spanning Tree, Three States & Why Committees can Suck

Have you ever wondered why there are three states in the 802.1d Spanning Tree Standard ?

EtherealMind’s iPad Home Screen

People have asked what applications I’m using on my iPad.

10 Networking Books to read before you dieÖ.

Are all networking books over 10 years old obsolete? Kevin Bovis a Technical Services Director with Cisco Gold Partner provides 10 examples that would suggest that some networking books are worth keeping and can provide a bit of credibility to an ageing Technical Manager.

VMware “vFabric” and the Potential Impact on Data Centre Network Design – The “Network Trombone”

If the VMware vFabric speculation is true, then the service focussed data centre designs just got very, very, interesting.

Musing: On using the word Cisco or CCIE in your blog title

Recently got a takedown notice from Cisco lawyers and then acted all offended when asked to handover the name. What, you didn’t see it coming ?

What might it mean if Cisco Dumps HP As Certified Partner ?

Thinking through the impact of the breakup between Cisco and HP as announced on Silicon Angle.

Is this the year of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in the LAN ?

A number of switch vendors have announced (and they are certainly hoping) that 10Gb Ethernet is the THING for 2010. Really ?

This year I’m working harder on mistakes

One of my resolution for the coming decade is to accept my mistakes gracefully and learn from them.

Blessay: FCoE is JUST a transition Technology

Chris Evans believes that “FCoE” will rule the world. Hah. I believe it’s just a transition technology that drags Storage out of it’s closed, proprietary mindset into the open collaborative world. Data Networks can easily adapt.

Etherealmind – Motto selection

I’m getting some new business cards printed and want to ask you for some input on a suitable slogan.

Cynicism and Regret are powerful Design Tools

If there are two aspects of my personality that drive my design process, its Cynicism and Regret. Let me tell you that bitter tales of disappointment, let downs and failure that make for better designs.

Rant: People are Not Valuable or Why I don’t attend Office Parties

I am often asked to attend parties with my co-workers for people who are leaving, Christmas or team parties. Then I realised how little it really mattered and got on with my life.

Blessay: Working for a Reseller or End User is different like Doctoring and Parenting

Where you choose to work in the Networking Industry can come to down to a simple choice: Are you a Doctor or a Parent ?

Blinken Lights, It’s all about the blinking lights

Classic Slashdot.

Networking is Cloud Ready. But where is Network Management ?

Doug Gourlay recently postulated that the Networking Industry was not ready for Cloud Computing, and there are no answers to the technical challenges that lie ahead. What a load of tosh. All we need is pastel colours and rounded corners and we are there.

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