Response: RFC 7167 – A Framework for Point-to-Multipoint

Frame Relay was to teach multipoint networking to upcoming engineers and we recently abandoned on the curriculum. Now it’s back in MPLS-TP.


Response: Huawei unveils the world’s tiniest Atom Router

This press release from Huawei really grabbed my attention because it’s an MPLS enabled router that is finger sized and built for carrier networks.


Overlay Networking & VXLAN Means MPLS in the Data Centre is Dead

Overlay networking has been around for a year or so now and the ideas behind it are well established. It was about 3/4 weeks ago while researching VTEP functionality in Dell and Arista switches that I realised I could build manually configured tunnels with VXLAN and get the same results as an EoMPLS x-connect with almost zero effort. More importantly, I don’t have to pay for expensive hardware that has MPLS functions or pay again for software licenses to upgrade with MPLS features.

Cisco Easy Virtual Network – because MPLS is too complicated¡

Oh my. Cisco thinks MPLS is too complicated for Enterprises so it’s invented a new proprietary protocol called EVN (Easy Virtual Network).

Packet Pushers – Show 31 – Don’t Take It Too Seriously

A mixed bag of topics this week, some from people who have written in and some more general topics.

Packet Pushers – Show 20 – Impromptu Crowdsourcing

The Pushers squeeze another show that’s long on waffle, but interspersed with some very fine technical sauce. And laughter.

DSCP QoS over MPLS Thoughts

I have been working on the edge of MPLS networks for several years and had a basic understating of DSCP QoS values that I was sending into the cloud and expecting them to pop onto the LAN at the other side the same. The QoS queues on the CE’s were already setup and I have had no reason to change then until recently for a new VOIP project; this and my studying for CCIE SP written has prompted me to understand DSCP in depth but also understand how this LAN QoS maps to MPLS QoS.

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