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Response: Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!

At NANOG 60 this happened – “Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!” Over the past few years, we’ve seen the data center switch market explode with commodity chips, open source software, and the concepts of SDN. All we have seen in the routing space has been bigger routers that need more power, cooling, […]

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Response: Taking the Wraps off of Intel’s New SDN Products at IDF

Intel announced the FM6700 chipset at the Intel Developers Forum in Sept and I missed this particularly interesting piece of information that will upset the OpenFlow haters: For the SDN networks, the FlexPipe frame processor can be used to parse and process SDN packets. The switch also supports 4,000 complete OpenFlow 12-tuple table entries that […]


Merchant Silicon Evolution, 40GbE arriving in 2015 & Impact on Data Centre Design

I’ve been reading a presentation from Sharkfest 2012 where a engineers from Microsoft are presenting on their
Microsoft’s Demon – Datacenter Scale Distributed Ethernet Monitoring Appliance. The whole presentation is interesting but this particular slide caught my attention:

Response: Intel SDK Update Boosts Data Center Switching Features

Intel announces that their SDK for their premium merchant silicon FM6000 now supports VXLAN, EVB with VEPA and TRILL. This is faster than I expected to announce VXLAN and TRILL. In essence, these features are now vital for modern data centre  switching. Assuming that vendors can rapidly integrate the SDK into their firmware OS, the […]

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