Using Choosy for OSX. A better way to use multiple browsers.

I use multiple web browsers all day. One for typical web, and another for network management. I need a way to easily select which one I want.

OSX: Changing Hibernation mode – UPDATED

OSX has a feature that enables three different modes of hibernation. If you hibernate often, you should consider changing the default.

Opinion:Study, iPad, DRM and Me

A look at changing my study and reading habits with the Apple iPad – but not the iBooks until DRM is sorted out.

Monolingual and Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server

Notes on using Monolingual on Snow Leopard Server

Internets of Interest: 21st Sep

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 21st Sep:

Internets of Interest: 9th Feb – 15th Feb

OSX: Text Editing

I don’t do “word processing”, I write. I have different tools for writing depending on the task. Here is a review of OS X text editors that I use and would recommend.

OSX: eject key joyfulness

When shutting down your MAC using function and the eject button is the fastest way to get things done.

Apple MacBook Pro disappointment today

I am sure that most of you know that Apple refreshed their MacBook lineup. However the MacBook Pro 17″ didn’t get much love. As Pooh Bear would say, “Bother!”.

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