The Unicorn Powered SDN Data Centre of Today

Welcome to first ever tour of the Unicorn Power SDN Data Centre of Today. Here is guided tour of the latest in networking and data centre technology as modelled with our “Unicorn Poo™” Design Methodology.         If you were to peer through the only “Window in the Data Centre” you might see […]

Tech Notes: Juniper QFabric – A Perspective on Scaling Up


Juniper QFabric is a new approach to Ethernet Switch Fabrics. When it was announced last year,it was noted that the underlying physical design is a completely different approach to building Switch Fabrics. Here I’m taking a loosely research based approach to understand how Juniper QFabric is different from all other approaches to the problem, and also a look at some of the challenges ahead.

Show 48 – Juniper Junosphere

This week we talk to Juniper about their Junosphere emulator and make the case for why the current version is very good but not suited for the Enterprise market ( because its actually too good ) and question why they are charging a customer for the hosted service. junosphere, unlike other emulators, is a fully […]

PPP Show 38 – Comparing Data Centre Fabrics from Juniper, Brocade and Cisco

Kurt Bales has a customer who wants to buy a new Data Centre Network and the three main networking vendors (Juniper, Cisco & Brocade) have pitched at him and the customer. Kurt then contacted the Pushers and said “This would make a great podcast to talk about how it looks, works and the reality of the so-called “Data Centre Fabric networks, plus I’ve got some questions that I’d like to get some second opinions.”

So we rounded up Ivan from IOS Hints and Greg from EtherealMind to record a fast, furious and focussed look at the state of play with the three data centre fabrics today. Lots of speculation, wild guesses and deep diving followed. I learned heaps.

QFabric – What excites me!

I was intrigued and excited about the Junipers announcement last week of QFabric. I was vaguely aware of TRILL and Cisco implementation (Fabric Path), but came to the table (so to speak) with no pre-conceptions of what I might expect.   SCI-FI – Is this just me? Is the Q in QFabric taken from sci-fi […]