ARIN Enters Phase Two of the IPv4 Countdown Plan

That means only AfriNIC has plenty of addresses. If you love IPv6, now is your chance to stampede ARIN and claim all the IPv4 addresses you can. We won’t see any serious upgrading until the ipocalypse is forced onto everyone. Burn, waste and consume those IPv4 addresses, make the future brighter   ARIN now has […]

Show 43 – Microsoft Teredo is Crap

A shorter show this week as Greg gets ready to go to Interop in Las Vegas next week courtesy of HP Networking. We look at recent events and talk generally about network with Tom Hollingsworth, Brandon Carroll and Greg Ferro.

Microsoft Teredo is a no-go area for IPv6.

I’ve talked before about Microsoft Teredo protocol for IPv6 tunneling and called it a bag of crap. Geoff Huston puts some solid information down about Teredo and why it should not be considered. My gut feeling : Teredo = NetBIOS (and we all know how that worked out) but Microsoft continues to develop it’s own proprietary technology and embed it into their products. Geoff Huston has some evidence about how bad it is.

Network Dictionary – Address Family Translation

Address Family Translation ( abbrev AFT) refers to the translation from one address family into another address family. For example, from IPv4 address to IPv6 address or vice versa. translation is sometimes denoted as NAT46 ( initiator from IPv4 side) or NAT64 (initiator from IPv6 side). AFT can be stateful or stateless. Stateless AFT is […]

Help: Got Questions for the NICs / RIRs about IPv6 ?

Slightly off topic, but I’m working with Skeeve Stevens to get some interviews setup for PacketPusherswith people from the various Network Information Centre (NICs) while they are at APNIC 31. I think there are lots of questions about public / Internet IPv6 and some early discussion of the issues would be useful, especially focussing on […]

Naming IPv6 address parts – Proposed IETF RFC and a VOTE

Some time ago I posted a word “chazwazza” to the Network Dictionary :Network Dictionary  Chazwazza. Although it was mostly intended to be a humourous comment, what makes it funny is that we don’t actually have a good naming convention for the ‘chazwazza’ of an IPv6 address. Apparently I’m not the only person to have noticed. […]