The poor man’s IOS Traffic Generator

This is a feature that I used to use years ago, but had forgotten about. For some reason, I remembered it today and it is still as useful as it ever was. Read on…

IOS: “terminal monitor” on, off – logging to your terminal

I get asked this question just often enough to post an article. When you have enabled ‘term mon’, how do you turn it off ? How can you tell it’s working ? And so on.

IOS CLI: show run linenum

You probably know this one already, but I have been typing ìwr tî for a long time and never stopped to look. Puts a line number at the side of the config so you can say to the person on the other end of the phone, see line 10………. r2#sh run linenum Building configuration… Current […]

Cisco IOS Order of Operation – Updated, Again

I often need to refer to the IOS order of operation when I start stacking multiple functions in an IOS configuration.

Changing the break character in Cisco IOS

Does pressing “Ctrl-Shift-6 & x” bother you ? It bugs the hell the out of me.

IOS: Setting the TCP timeout on IOS

One of my favourite default commands on IOS is “ip tcp synwait 5″. Lets look into this command and why you might like to use it as well.

IOS: enable and …. disable ?

All these years, and I didn’t realise the opposite of the enable, was disable.

IOS: ROMMON on the C6500/Sup720 – lesson learned

Recently, one of my Supervisor 720 goes into a permanent reboot cycle. I was able to break it into ROMMON mode, but I couldn’t get it to ‘stick’ the boot settings. Finally….

IOS: Reverse SSH console access – Part 2

Following my original post about configuring Reverse SSH on a Cisco console server, I wanted to make some followup to extend the usage.

Configuring Windows 2003 / XP SP2 to use IOS NTP server

In certain networks, it is difficult to get the time on your servers to be exactly the same as the NTP time on your network equipment. In this case, you want to force the Windows servers to use the same NTP Network time source as your routers and switches. But Microsoft Windows doesn’t understand NTP […]

IOS:Open Source Lab DNS and IP addressing

A number of Cisco Bloggers have talked about making labs available for others to use. However, part of what will be needed is some conventions to make these labs work for the largest number of people. Following Ivan Pepelnjak posting on Private Domain Names, and an earlier posting that I made on Reserved IP Address […]

IOS: Reverse SSH console access

I recently needed to secure the reverse console access using Cisco IOS router. Now for many years, we have been doing this over telnet and the configuration has been straightforward. But configuring it to support SSH instead of telnet is a little bit different, awkward in fact.

ip tcp timestamp

ip tcp timestamp I have seen this command a few times, today I am going to look into it and see what it does. Also, this is probably a classic CCIE lab gotcha.

On the death and rebirth of IOS – Why did it take so long ?

The market has been commenting on the rise of Juniper for some years and the fact that Cisco has not been able to stop them growing. Well, we can now see that Cisco was listening to the stock market by spending a lot of time and money developing a new operating system. Oh yeah, and […]

Single Internet Connection but HA Infrastructure – Using bridging instead of routing

The customer had decided to build a hosting platform, but could only arrange for a single internet connection to that site due to location. However, all other hardware was duplicated for high availability. After considering the options the following diagram was prepared showing the first pass at the design. This was the Internet Connection (100Mb Ethernet) connected to the router, then connected to a switch, which was interconnected by trunk to a second switch. The first layer of firewalls is then connected.

Cisco ASA and IOS command tip – test aaa-server

I have been working on a VPN setup that loads the Group Policy from a CiscoSecure ACS server. During the process I discovered the test aaa-server command. Its very handy tool when you are doing this kind of stuff.

Read on…..

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