IOS: show tcp vty

On Cisco IOS, this is a very useful command “show tcp vty xx” to show TCP statistics of the VTY session. If you think your terminal is running slow because of packet loss or delay then this command will provide visibility. The other cause is the CPU/Memory running slow if you don’t see any errors on the TCP (as you can see below).

Response: So What ? Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

Although yet to be confirmed, the Chaos Computer Club have been able to circumvent the fingerprint reader on an iPhone.

Big Deal. Big Hoopy Doo Deal. Golf Claps for the Kleva Kids.

Let me explain. The idea of retina or finger print scanning for any serious security application has long been discredited but not for the reasons that most people expect.

Rant: A Better Cisco Software Experience (Licensing) For Partners (but not Customers)

Cisco customers can update their licenses using this handy portal. Sounds good ? Exciting ? No, not the person who bought the software license, the partner that sold you the license can update the licenses. You might have forgotten who is Cisco’s real customer, and it’s not the person who paid for products. Partners, the […]

My Way of Selecting a Cisco IOS Release with a Bug Scrub


Cisco is known for shipping products early to deliver new features quickly. But this leads to a reputation for buggy code which has customers report bugs (and Cisco fixing them). This means that you should never buy a newly released Cisco product unless you are willing to take this risk. This post looks a my process for analysing this risk and then selecting an IOS version by performing a bug scrub. In this case, I’ve been asked whether the Cisco C3750-X switches are ready for live deployment.

IOS memory tables removed from documentation

From IOS 15.1M&T release notes at Memory Recommendations The memory recommendation tables have been removed from the Cisco IOS Release 15.1M&T release notes to improve the usability of the release notes documentation. The memory recommendations that were provided by these tables are available through Cisco Feature Navigator. So the only way to check the […]