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Response: Cisco Modeling Lab (VIRL) behind the scenes –

I was part of the briefing this week from Cisco on VIRL. I won’t have time to write my own impressions for a few weeks but Ivan Pepelnjak says: The skeptics will say “Yeah, the same thing as ****, only a year later” … and they might be partially right. However, it seems (so far) […]

Response: So What ? Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

Although yet to be confirmed, the Chaos Computer Club have been able to circumvent the fingerprint reader on an iPhone.

Big Deal. Big Hoopy Doo Deal. Golf Claps for the Kleva Kids.

Let me explain. The idea of retina or finger print scanning for any serious security application has long been discredited but not for the reasons that most people expect.

Response: Sublime Text 2 – Cisco Syntax and Snippets – TunnelsUP

Here is a set of packages for Sublime Text that do some really neat syntax checking and configuration acceleration. Great work from Richee!

Rant: A Better Cisco Software Experience (Licensing) For Partners (but not Customers)

Cisco customers can update their licenses using this handy portal. Sounds good ? Exciting ? No, not the person who bought the software license, the partner that sold you the license can update the licenses. You might have forgotten who is Cisco’s real customer, and it’s not the person who paid for products. Partners, the […]

Rant: Cisco claims “We’re Listening” to Simplifying Cisco Software Licensing

If this is the best that Cisco can manage when they are “listening” we have a huge problem with Cisco licensing strategy. Glam it up all you like, but this isn’t helping. It’s just ignoring us.


My Way of Selecting a Cisco IOS Release with a Bug Scrub

Cisco is known for shipping products early to deliver new features quickly. But this leads to a reputation for buggy code which has customers report bugs (and Cisco fixing them). This means that you should never buy a newly released Cisco product unless you are willing to take this risk. This post looks a my process for analysing this risk and then selecting an IOS version by performing a bug scrub. In this case, I’ve been asked whether the Cisco C3750-X switches are ready for live deployment.

Basics: Cisco IOS Native VLANs

Cisco IOS and Native VLANs – some brief notes to myself.

Those non-IOS Files on the Flash. Are they useful ?

When you first receive a router from a Cisco warehouse, it comes with a complete collection of IOS add ons. A common question is whether these files are used for anything ?

IOS memory tables removed from documentation

From IOS 15.1M&T release notes at Memory Recommendations The memory recommendation tables have been removed from the Cisco IOS Release 15.1M&T release notes to improve the usability of the release notes documentation. The memory recommendations that were provided by these tables are available through Cisco Feature Navigator. So the only way to check the […]

show ip eigrp topology all

Once upon a time the command was “show ip eigrp topology” to show EIGRP topology, now it’s “show ip eigrp topology all” and the old command show only Feasible Successors.

OSX: Shortcuts for Subnet Masks with TextExpander

I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing speed and accuracy. One way is to use specific keyboard shortcuts for tasks that are repetitive and prone to inaccuracy. So, using Cmd-C / Cmd-V for for Copy and Paste makes a whole load of good sense as it’s faster & more accurate than using the mouse to click through multiple menus, and put the cursor where it needs to be.

However, keyboard shortcuts are kind of limited. A more flexible approach is to use a program that can substitute short sets of text into much longer pieces. To do this, I use a program called TextExpander to keep a library of ‘snippets’ for expansion into a range of useful actions.

For example, I have a text snippet etmd and whenever I type these four letters, it is automatically expanded to EtherealMind.

The possibilities are endless, and I’m hoping to share a few different ideas and get feedback from you to help me build my collection of useful shortcuts.

Cisco IP Traceroute Characters

Note to self about Cisco Traceroute characters and what they mean. Directly from the Cisco IOS user documentation.

Cisco IOS Emulator Petition – Reloaded

Due to popular demand I have restarted the IOS Petition. The last petition got to nearly 1200 signatures before something caused it to crash. Either way, it’s time to signal to Cisco that we remain serious and committed to getting proper access to testing and learning emulation software.

Remember, if you are using Dynamips you won’t be able to test IOS Version 15.0. What will you do when they come for you ?

After all, Cisco’s share price dropped 12% this week, maybe they will be listening a bit more closely to their customers instead of ignoring us.

Head over to the petition and sign up. The system has protection against blind and double voting – I’ve activated the email confirmation. I won’t abuse your email address but you will need to use a genuine email or your vote doesn’t count.

Cisco IOS Petition – Reloaded

Cisco IOS CLI Shortcuts

Mostly for my own reference. I really need to practice using the Delete Buffer commands and Ctrl-R Refesh as part of my muscle memory.

Three ways to fix the Cisco IOS Translating “xyz” Domain Server

Fixing the Cisco IOS Domain Lookup – three different options.

Licensing Tips for 3750 Stacks

Recently I had to upgrade some 3750-x Stacks to Advanced Services and the Cisco documentation was a bit short of advice, and certainly not all in the one place. So here is a quick run down of some key steps.

Cisco IOS SX Storm Control

Blurt on Cisco Storm Control

Reloading IOS config at CLI for Dynamips/Dynagen

David Sudjiman show us how to save and reload Cisco IOS configurations from the command line in Dynamips / Dynagen.

Key change for Cisco IOS 15 – Feature Licensing and How We Work.

Welcome to IOS 15, Feature licensing and complicated maintenance procedures….

Cisco announces EOS and EOL Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4

Cisco announces the End of Life and End of Support dates for 12.4. Before IOS 15.0 is even warming up, the previous version of 12.4 is already on life support.

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