Blessay: The Internet is a “Cloud” for Networking


Can the Internet be the “Cloud Network” ? If so, when could the transition happen (if it hasn’t started already) ?

Supposition/Hypothesis As a technology, the Internet has strikingly similar properties to sharing Compute and Storage as ‘Cloud’. A large pool of resource that can be used or shared between many parties. The total pool of resource is dynamically allocated. Internet bandwidth is shared between all users and access is determined by bandwidth purchased at the network edge

Net Neutrality and Net Reality


Recently, Dave at DavesBlog made some rather startling observations that Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic, backed up by a comment from some low level help desk staffer that this is true. The technical capability of a person who performs front line technical support is usually set at a low level to match what most customers need. Taking a casual comment as “truth” is wildly unreasonable. Here is more on the reality of net neutrality.

Link:Generic top-level domains: Who should own .BOOK? | IGP Blog

Internet Governance highlights another tragedy of the commons when big companies attempt to sequester common use assets. In this case, many companies are bidding to own domains such as .book .music or .cloud.  You easily could argue that common terms like these belong to everyone. On the other hand, what are common terms ? And what […]

Scheduling the IPocalypse


Ivan Pepelnjak has made a presentation available at [Slideshare – Content over IPv6 – No Excuses]. One slide particularly caught my attention: It’s timely reminder that the IPocalypse is going happen quite slowly. Each step is inevitable but none of the them are the final step. For example, once the IANA runs out of addresses, […]