Response: RFC 7167 – A Framework for Point-to-Multipoint

Frame Relay was to teach multipoint networking to upcoming engineers and we recently abandoned on the curriculum. Now it’s back in MPLS-TP.

Cloud Ethernet Forum – Because Ethernet needs to look like Frame Relay

Where do you want Ethernet ? Everywhere apparently.

I’m at a conference about “Cloud Ethernet Forum” and subsidiary operation of the Metro Ethernet Forum that seems to want to invent a new Ethernet. The fundamental premise of the is that customers need/want/demand/must have more Ethernet in the WAN.

Why ? Because Ethernet is better for data centre managers.


◎ How Many Standards Are There in Networking ?

Let me ask you a question about IETF and standards. How many do you think there are ? Many thousands or a few thousands ? Maybe a few hundred ? Today there are more than 7000 RFCs. RFC is short “Request for Comments” but less than 96 RFCs are actually fully approved standards.


IETF RFCs and Pagination. Still necessary ?

I don’t read every IETF RFC but I try look over a lot of them in my RSS reader as they are published. The IETF RFCs are all paginated like this, which is annoying. It’s not good politics to alienate the International audience this way.

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