Top 5 Things about Cisco says “Internet to Change Forever” Event Today

Cisco Marketing Dept is attempting another lame meme today by claiming that Cisco will “Change The Internet”. Here is my Top 5 things about Cisco changing the Internet.

If I can’t fix it, I’ll break it. And that’s OK, it needed fixing anyway.

When explaining outage risks in a change review, I often need to grit my teeth and say quietly to myself…..

The Lay of the Network Hero

I have decided to undergo an image change. This mantle of modesty ill becomes me and I need a confidence boost. Let all the IT people recite the lay of the Networking Hero!

Network Dictionary – Eye Dee Ten Tee

Define Eye Dee Ten Tee

Network ZEN: Management or Monitoring

Network ZEN on Network Management

My Twelve Networking Days of Christmas

My Twelve Days of Networking Christmas.

The Balloon Story

Quite some time ago, someone sent me this joke. To this day, it should be funny but it isn’t because it is still true.

Blinken Lights, It’s all about the blinking lights

Classic Slashdot.

Network ZEN: Stackable or Chassis Switches

The Zen Master was meditating over his network, at oneness with the Flow. A student approached the master and asked ‘may I not stack the c3750 to create more connections to the Flow’.

Humour:Cloud Computing – A visual tale

I saw this picture today titled “Blue Sky Thinking”. I was struck by its Cloud Computing references…..

Top 5 things about the Cisco Data Centre 3.0 Announcement Today [Humour]

Just before the much ballyhooed launch of Cisco supposed servers, let look at Etherealmind’s Top 5 Things about Cisco’s launch today.

Top 5 Cisco Christmas wish list – Dear Santa

I have been waiting all year for new products, new features and, in some cases, for things to just work. It seems time to think what presents a Cisco Santa could bring me.

Top 4 things IPexpert will say about Internetwork Expert CCIE 2.0 announcement

Here are the Top 4 things IPExpert will say about yesterdays announcement by InternetExpert. -> Warning – contains sarcasm.

Nerdgasm: Laptop Art – gotta have some

I have artwork on my laptop. It’s my way of sticking it to corporate culture. Sit down in business meeting with a laptop of bright colours – looks of envy! Make the world a happy place.

Top 5 things about Cisco “viral” announcement

Here is my take on the Top 5 things about the Cisco announcement today

Top 5 things that Internetwork Expert might announce today.

My top five list of things that IE might announce later today

The Real Job Description for Network Architect

Recently, I was asked to write the Job Advertisement for my own role (yeah, personal development thing). I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a follow on to What is a CCIE ?. —Warning Sarcasm Ahead—

The difference between Network Managers and Server Managers – pictorial

As I am preparing the presentation to management on the proposed Cloud Computing infrastructure as a result of the consultation, I am put together the following pictorial representation of the data centre perceived scope for Network and Server Managers.

The difference between Network and Server Engineers – pictorial

I have been planning cloud computing systems recently, and had many long discussions with different teams. I have prepared the following diagram to show the perceptual difference between how each team perceives the data centre.

The CCIE Medallion

Arden Packeer was passing comments on his plaque…. but mine is much cooler….

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