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I had a bit of a problem in the data centre last week. I had left my USB console adapter for the MacBook at home.

I took a couple of turns around the data centre and found a DEC VT420 terminal in a cupboard or a discard pile. Put it onto the crash cart and scrounged around for some older cables.

The look on the data centre managers face as I configured his network with the 20 year old DEC terminal ?


Network Engineer’s Late Note

One of my co-workers sent this email after being caught in traffic.   Morning All All nodes in the M25 pool are currently OOS. VIP is at present being serviced by  back-up pool on the A25 ( this unfortunately is only a Pentium 386 with 500Mb of memory). That said it’s only holding a splash […]

Security Humour: “Packets Don’t Lie; Bob Loves Alice”

Who said people in security don’t have a sense of humour ? My crypto presentation that I teach in my InfoSec classed boiled down to a 4 minute original music video with labs. Even if you don’t like the music, if you do the labs and understand what is happening, it should help anyone pass […]