An MPLS for Every Occasion - Mixed Media Artwork

Thought for My Day: There is an MPLS for Every Occasion Artwork

I found this slide during some research. It was so “awesome” that I though it should be framed as a piece of bad art just to prove that there is an MPLS Standard or technology for every occasion. Which there should not be and this proves that most of the MPLS standards are just silly.


Humour: SDN Software Licensing Schemes

If you have spent any time working on software licensing schemes for virtual appliances, virtual switches, virtual any-bloody-thing then you will sympathise with this.

Cool Consoling Page

Cool Consoling Guide

I had a bit of a problem in the data centre last week. I had left my USB console adapter for the MacBook at home.

I took a couple of turns around the data centre and found a DEC VT420 terminal in a cupboard or a discard pile. Put it onto the crash cart and scrounged around for some older cables.

The look on the data centre managers face as I configured his network with the 20 year old DEC terminal ?



Thought for My Day: Why Doesn’t the Network Come Faster ?

A little bit risqué  but IRC Can Be Funny The Packet Pushers IRC channel is a wealth of knowledge, advice and humour: Click for full size  


Humour: Types of Networking Crap Poster

I figured this would make a good poster. So I made a poster about the “Types of Network Crap” (since I prefer not to use swear words on my blog) after a strong response to the tweet I did a couple of weeks ago.


Response:IT Adoption Cycle (There, I Fixed It)

Saw this chart about Enterprise IT adoption the other day. Got pretty annoyed about the obvious mistakes so I just had to fix it up.


Humour: Why are there so Few Women Engineers ?

Comic about Women Engineers – a touchy subject.

Network Engineer’s Late Note

One of my co-workers sent this email after being caught in traffic.   Morning All All nodes in the M25 pool are currently OOS. VIP is at present being serviced by  back-up pool on the A25 ( this unfortunately is only a Pentium 386 with 500Mb of memory). That said it’s only holding a splash […]

Security Humour: “Packets Don’t Lie; Bob Loves Alice”

Who said people in security don’t have a sense of humour ? My crypto presentation that I teach in my InfoSec classed boiled down to a 4 minute original music video with labs. Even if you don’t like the music, if you do the labs and understand what is happening, it should help anyone pass […]


Humour: Table Napkin

When i was at the Euronog conference last year, this table napkin was part of the buffet and I thought it was genius.

Humour: Networking Personalities on Twitter

Matthew Norwood ( In Search of Tech ) has sacrificed his pride to play with his children’s toys and produce a video classic: – Scared Security Panda “Everything’s is scaaaary” – VoIP Engineer “Difficulty of Voice” – Convergence Fan “I am a Trendsetter” Genius. Sheer Genius.

My Networking Beliefs

Someone wrote me and asked “Greg, What do you believe is the future of Networking”. Here is my (mostly) humorous response.

Poster – Cisco VPN Client Licensing

I’m more than annoyed about paying for IPsec VPN client licensing. Uncle John screws up the company and now we have to pay for it. This calls for a poster.

Poster: Servers, Tablets. Just Desktops and Printers to Go.

I did this a while back, but with Cisco recently announcing the VXI thin client desktops in the last week or so, it seems more relevant that ever. Enjoy.

What are Windows A: B: drives for ?

Sob, I’m so old.


Network Zen – Standardisation

The Network Zen Student learns about Standardisation

Network ZEN – Storage traffic isn’t so Important

The Network Master on QoS and Storage Networking.

Announcing EtherealMind’s Router Wash

EtherealMind is proud to present the first product in a new and exciting range of networking grooming products designed to specifically keep your networking looking and smelling great.

Network ZEN: The Most Important Technology in the Infrastructure

The Student mustered his courage and said ìMaster, the other Students are mocking the Network and boasting that theirís is the most important technologyî.

Cisco Borderless Networks Motivational Marketing Poster

Cisco Borderless Network motivational marketing poster.

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