Humour: Table Napkin

When i was at the Euronog conference last year, this table napkin was part of the buffet and I thought it was genius.

My Networking Beliefs

Someone wrote me and asked “Greg, What do you believe is the future of Networking”. Here is my (mostly) humorous response.

Poster – Cisco VPN Client Licensing

I’m more than annoyed about paying for IPsec VPN client licensing. Uncle John screws up the company and now we have to pay for it. This calls for a poster.

Cloud Security Blanket – I’m Safe NOW

I’ve got a Cloud Security Blanket. Got to know that all my data is safes now.

Cheesy Network Engineer Jokes – Part 2

More cheesy Network Engineer Jokes – usually involving bar tenders.

Humour: Men vs Women described as Machine

Image summarising the administration of Men vs Women

Poster: Servers, Tablets. Just Desktops and Printers to Go.

I did this a while back, but with Cisco recently announcing the VXI thin client desktops in the last week or so, it seems more relevant that ever. Enjoy.

Everytime the Cisco Toolbar Appears, God Kills a Kitten.

Everytime the Cisco Toolbar appears, God kills a kitten.

Corny Network Engineer Jokes – Updated 20101121-1459

I’ve been collecting corny network engineer jokes that have occasionally erupted on Twitter from time to time. Here they are.

Network Zen – Standardisation and Failure

More on the Zen of Standardisation.

Internet – Not to Scale

People always forget that the Internet is REALLY REALLY big.

Found on My Managers Desk

After discussing Managers with ten year old text books, I noticed these on my Managers desk yesterday.

Cisco Borderless Networks Motivational Marketing Poster

Cisco Borderless Network motivational marketing poster.

Top 5 Things about Cisco says “Internet to Change Forever” Event Today

Cisco Marketing Dept is attempting another lame meme today by claiming that Cisco will “Change The Internet”. Here is my Top 5 things about Cisco changing the Internet.

My Twelve Networking Days of Christmas

My Twelve Days of Networking Christmas.

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