OpenFlow, HP Sentinel and Security SDN

HP Sentinel is an SDN Security application that combines a reputation database, HP VAN Controller and OpenFlow to build a Campus security solution. Here is a quick overview of the process and how you can mix existing security technology with standards-based OpenFlow/SDN to provide a useful campus security tool. This product is expected to reach the market later this year.


Does SDN represent the evolution of Network Management ? Yes but No It Doesn’t

SDN/OpenFlow is about Network Management, at least, in part. But the rich tools for software control dont’ exist. I also think don’t think that todays management _platforms_ (such as Tivoli, OpenView and BMC) are suitable for network orchestration in the future.

HP abolishes software licensing for Wired Ethernet Switches

HP Networking has announced no more software licenses on their networking kit.

Internets of Interest:15 Nov 2011

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 15 Nov 2011:

Notes: Notes on HP BladeSystem Matrix / Virtual Connect / Flex Connect

I had to prepare some notes on the HP BladeSystem and the networks functions of the Flex-10 / Virtual Connect / FlexConnect this week. Nothing fantastic but I think they provide a quick over of the key features that I felt are relevant for someone who is heading in the virtualization deployment using blade server for the first time. Although the customer looked at UCS, they felt that HP BladeSystem worked better for them and hence the vendor choice.

HP Is Not the Death Star – But HP Doesn’t have a Firewall

HP doesn’t have a firewall product in Western markets. Why the bloody hell not ?

Review: HP and Optical Backplanes

There were a lot of cool things at InterOp, but not much that was new from the big vendors. For example, Cisco didn’t announce anything, probably waiting announce at Cisco Live in July where they can control the press and message much more tightly. However, HP announced the A10500 switch (action pictures ) which is a new campus switch and Gnodal arrived with new products.

However in the centre of the HP stand there was something very cool – a prototype E8212 ProCurve switch with a fully optical backplane. Hp procurve optical backplane 1

HP A10500 FlexiCampus – Action Pics

I wanted take a quick look at the guts of the A10500 switch because its got some interesting features. And since no one else in the press even looked at the box, I feel it’s necessary to do some nerd action photos with the line cards.

HP Interop Annoucements – The Flexi Strategy

HP Networking had some announcements today at InterOp. It was a big media event with cameras, live broadcasts, and some interesting industry figures are in the room. Here’s my take on the strategy, I’ll post some more on the actual product announcements in a separate post.

Show 25 – “Omniscient Logic” – HP Networking Data centre

This week with talk the Lin Nease, Director for Advanced Technologies for HP Networking.

HP: Needs to Start Talking about the Future

It appears that HP doesn’t want to talk about product futures. Why not ?

What does HP Networking Need To Do Be Successful ?

Following the HP Network Tech Day here are my thoughts on what HP needs to do to be successful – from an engineers perspective.

HP Network Tech Day – Summary View

The HP Network Tech Day was a good introduction to HP Networking. Just like the first meeting with your Account Manager and Sales Engineer where we size each other up, talk generalities, and be nice to each other but there wasn’t enough time to get down to the details.

Internets of Interest:23 Aug 10

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HP Networking Tech Day – Live Blog

I’ll attempting to a new thing, live blogging from the HP Networking Tech Day .

HP Networking Tech Day – 23 & 24 August 2010

In some positive news, HP has reached out to the networking community and organised a Network Tech Day in Sacramento. They even invited me.


Show 8 – Something on the Light Side – Part 2

The second part on a collection of topics this week and joined by Jeremy Stretch from Packetlife and Amy Arnold to cover the news in the Networking Industry.

HP MASE – it’s for HP Partners not customers – Updated.

It’s weird. HP is only letting partners and employees access their certification program. I’m a customer and I can’t qualify.

Internets of Interest: 18th Sep

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 18th Sep:

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