Musing: HP Networking Futures after deals with Aruba & H3C


HP Networking will acquire Aruba and now it is selling 51% stake in H3C to a Chinese venture capital firm.  What could this mean for HP Networking customers ?  The sale of a controlling interest in H3C means that HP Networking has government support (blessing?) to sell products in China. The Chinese government has been […]

OpenFlow, HP Sentinel and Security SDN


HP Sentinel is an SDN Security application that combines a reputation database, HP VAN Controller and OpenFlow to build a Campus security solution. Here is a quick overview of the process and how you can mix existing security technology with standards-based OpenFlow/SDN to provide a useful campus security tool. This product is expected to reach the market later this year.

Notes: Notes on HP BladeSystem Matrix / Virtual Connect / Flex Connect

I had to prepare some notes on the HP BladeSystem and the networks functions of the Flex-10 / Virtual Connect / FlexConnect this week. Nothing fantastic but I think they provide a quick over of the key features that I felt are relevant for someone who is heading in the virtualization deployment using blade server for the first time. Although the customer looked at UCS, they felt that HP BladeSystem worked better for them and hence the vendor choice.

Review: HP and Optical Backplanes

There were a lot of cool things at InterOp, but not much that was new from the big vendors. For example, Cisco didn’t announce anything, probably waiting announce at Cisco Live in July where they can control the press and message much more tightly. However, HP announced the A10500 switch (action pictures ) which is a new campus switch and Gnodal arrived with new products.

However in the centre of the HP stand there was something very cool – a prototype E8212 ProCurve switch with a fully optical backplane. Hp procurve optical backplane 1