Data Centre Ethernet standards fight brewing ? Brocade says FCoE in 2010.

I note this quote from a recent article on The Register where Brocade talks about their future strategy.

Data Networks – more reliable to than storage networks ?

I was participating in a storage design discussion and a Storage person threw up their most common complaint about networking – “we don’t know how to build reliable networks”. Let me take a shot at that.

More people against FCoE – part 2

More posts from people who are opposed to FCoE. More meat for the mill….

Not Anti FCoE, more like Anti Fibrechannel – A Response

I got linked from Dante Malagrino at the Cisco Data Center blog yesterday. He writes a good post on why FCoE might be a good idea. Let me just say I am not only anti-FCoE, I am anti-Fibrechannel.

My rebuttal after the jump…

Where are all the features for Nexus ? Or is it just me ?

I wrote this in response to Omar Sultan at Cisco on ‘Why you want this switch ? I was looking the NX-OS feature navigator today and NX-OS looks (currently) like a substantially feature-free platform – check out the NX-OS Feature Navigator and consider what is not listed here. A couple of other things that strike […]

Is the Cisco Nexus 7000 needed today – or tomorrow ?

No doubt that the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch is a fine piece of technology. The performance and throughput is welcome, and clearly offers some fine new capabilities such as virtualisation, ISSU, better OOB and so on. I am sure that everyone can perceive the positive messages, lets face it, Cisco isn’t going to be shy in telling us about them.

However, lets consider the issue from the perspective of the architect/designer and how Cisco has positioned this in the marketplace. From an architecture perspective, I will need to commit a substantial capex to the product and a much larger amount of resource cost to transition a network to use the product. Even if I am building new data centres (and thus have no legacy), changes to operating standards, procedures, management tools and other orchestration issues present substantial barriers to adoption.

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