Response: What’s in a Name? Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel Changes the Game

OK. I’m stumped. I’m having a full blown WTF moment here. It seems the storage industry gets it’s spiral into dumb and dumber by the day. Here is lustrous and full bodied marketing failure from Brocade: I would often start product launch training meetings with the following rules: The first rule of this launch is […]

Sponsored: Brocade Virtual Symposium – Storage Convergence

Continuing the series from the Brocade Virtual Symposium. In a special video session that was sponsored by Brocade, we got Chip Copper in the room with Stephen Foskett to talk about storage convergence.

Over the last few years, I’ve been very critical of Ethernet storage protocols like [FCoE]( and the fact that storage protocols are unlikely to work well. There are few times here where Chip was able to give me answers and a different viewpoint that gave me a different take on the solutions.

Presenting Silvano Gai with FCoTR button

With great pleasure I present an image of the event whereupon I did present a FibreChannel over Token Ring badge to Silvano Gai. As you can see, he is clearly pleased with such a wondrous gift. On behalf of the FibreChannel over Token Ring community, I say with great pride, mission accomplished.