Internets of Interest:31 Aug 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 31 Aug 10:

Packet Pushers Podcast – Show 12 – Get On The Ring!

Short, sharp and awesome. And covering more about FibreChannel over Token Ring.

Packet Pushers – Show 2 – Attack of the PacketPushers

This is the second podcast by the PacketPushers crew. We’re slightly more prepared this week, and had more of an idea what to expect. Hopefully that’ll be evident in the podcast!

Network Dictionary – Application Delivery Controller

Define Application Delivery Controller. (Don’t say it real fast though)

Cisco IOS load balancing for Blue Coat SGOS

Some time ago I used IOS SLB feature on a C6500 to load balance a pair of Blue Coat ProxySG. Here the confuguration and some notes.

Rant: F5 LTM and GTM doesn’t do external AAA authorization

F5 BigIP LTM and GTM does not have any user authorisation capability for administration by Radius or TACACS. Can you believe that? They have been producing F5 BigIP software for more than a decade and I cannot believe that customers have not been asking to provide external user authorisation. To compare, I have just been […]

Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) – introduction and comparison with F5

My new interest of the moment is the Cisco Application Control Engine or ACE module. I have just received a pair of them and planning on starting the configuration in the next couple of days. So perhaps some discussion on the ACE is in order, and why I am considering using both F5 LTM AND the Cisco ACE in this network.

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